Hong Kong Scholarship

 If you are a Hong Kong resident, who has gone to school in Hong Kong, then you are eligible for the St John’s Hong Kong Scholarship. The amount of the Scholarship is determined by the financial circumstances of the recipient of the Scholarship.

The Scholarship was awarded for the first time to two Hong Kong residents entering the College in October 2018.

Admissions Round 2023-24: The College is currently in the process of securing the funds for the Hong Kong Scholarship for the admissions round 2023-24 (ie students applying for entry in October 2024). Once we are in a position to confirm that the scholarship will be offered in the current admissions round, we will update the information on this webpage.



In order to be eligible for the Hong Kong Scholarship, you have:

  • to be offered a place to study at St John’s  College for an undergraduate course **
  • to be a Hong Kong resident, and
  • to have gone to school in Hong Kong.

**All undergraduate courses, either 3 or 4 year ones, are eligible, apart from Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. Students applying for entry as Affiliated students will also be considered. 


In order to be considered for the St John’s Hong Kong Scholarship, you have to apply through UCAS and go through the normal application and selection procedure for admission to St John’s College, University of Cambridge.  The UCAS deadline for the University of Cambridge.

All eligible Hong Kong students, who receive an offer from St John’s College for a place in an undergraduate course, will be invited by the College to apply for the Hong Kong Scholarship. Shortlisted candidates usually attend an interview in Hong Kong.

The selection of the recipient of the Scholarship will be made on the basis of academic excellence, academic potential and financial need.


Further Information

Schools & Subjects of Recipients of the Hong Kong Scholarship
  • 2018: Hong Kong International School (Human, Social, and Political Sciences)
  • 2018: Harrow International School (Mathematics)
  • 2019: Methodist College (Mathematics)
  • 2019: St Paul's Co-educational College (Human, Social, and Political Sciences)
  • 2020: Oxford International College (Natural Sciences)
  • 2020: St Paul's Co-Educational College (Natural Sciences)
  • 2020 (Honorary): St Paul's Co-Educational College (Human, Social, and Political Sciences)
  • 2021: St Paul's Convent School (Law)
  • 2021: La Salle College (Mathematics)
  • 2022: Diocesan Girls School (Human, Social, and Political Sciences)
  • 2022: Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School (Mathematics)
  • 2023: University of Liverpool Mathematics School (Mathematics)
  • 2023: St Paul's Co-Educational College (Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology)



If you would like to find out more about the St John's Hong Kong Scholarship, please contact the Scholarship Administrator, either by email or by phone at +44 (0)1223 338789.


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