The St John's Feminist Society

The Society

The St John’s Feminist Society was founded as the ‘St John’s Women’s Society' in 2007 to mark the 25th anniversary of the first admission of women undergraduates into the college. Now in the 40th anniversary year of the admission of women as students and fellows into St John’s, the society continues to actively promote intersectional feminism in the college, university and the wider community. As well as hosting serious discussions about gender equality, we aim to create a community of likeminded individuals. It is our mission that eventually all members of St. John’s will also be members of St John’s Feminist Society. We are an inclusive society that welcomes all genders to our mixture of academic and social events. 



Each term we have a macrotheme voted on by the committee, and throughout that term we organise relevant formal speaker events and informal events as well as informative social media posts. Recent macrothemes have included ‘Feminism through the lens of Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Women in the criminal justice system’. Our formal events typically are speaker events or panels, such as our recent collaboration with Durham’s 1898 Society. We hosted a panel on the intersections between race, gender and feminism featuring speakers Prof Samita Sen, Dr Rachell Sanchez-Rivera, Prof Nayanika Mookherjee and Dr Jason Arday. Our informal events take a range of formats but have included formal halls, move nights, group discussions, garden parties and bar nights, such as our collaborative social event with other Cambridge FemSocs in February 2020 that attracted over 200 attendees.

In 2021, we have additionally tried to highlight the role of women academics at the college to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the admission of women into St. John’s. Our ‘Women of John’s’ speaker series has included talks from Sylvana Tomaselli, Kerry McInerney and Dr Helen McCarthy. In celebration of International Women’s Day, we were delighted to host the Master, Heather Hancock, for a conversation about her life as a student at St John’s, her career in the public and private sectors, as well as advice for future women leaders. International Women’s Day has always been a highlight in the society’s calendar with our 2020 celebratory event featuring speaker Amika George and attracting 120 attendees.


Committee 2021-2022

President: Abigail Walker (

Vice President/Secretary: Muqaddas Shahzadi

Treasurer: Sara El-Khamlichi

Communications Director: Sarah Adgebite

Campaigns Directors: Emily Bell

Events Directors: Maddie Angwin, Lois Kildea

Artistic Director: Andrew German

Operations Director: Elliot Wright