The Punt Society


Punt hire is available to St John's students, alumni, fellows and members of staff, in addition to a few other categories as described. Hirers of punts may bring guests from outside College.

Punts can be hired between 9am and 9pm. Occupancy is restricted to a maximum of 6 people in a single punt, including the punter.

Please read the punt hire guidelines before contacting Cripps Porters’ Lodge on 01223 338729 to make a booking.

The Society

The 10 punts run by the Punt Society are available to all members of College, including College staff, from around March to the end of November. Punts should be booked in advance by calling the Cripps Porters' Lodge on 01223 338729. If you do not have a booking a punt can still be taken out if it is free, though you will be required to effectively make a booking with the porters when you take the punt out to ensure it is returned in time.

Bookings from College or large groups may be considered by the President. Please note that there are a few days when punts are not available (e.g. during the May Ball, and some days in the summer holidays when they're booked by College groups).

The punts are moored in the punt pool by the Cripps Porters' Lodge. A University Card must be taken as a deposit. (Non-resident members need either a valid debit card, ID card or driver's licence as a deposit.) The cushions are normally stored in lockers in the Cripps basement by the Porters’ Lodge, though the majority of them are out of action. If cushions are used, please do not leave them in the punts, but instead return them to the cushion store. The porters will be able to give you directions if needed. The punt poles and paddles are locked to the punts themselves.

You may stay out only for as long as you have booked for, and only during before nightfall, unless you have specific permission to stay out after dark, from the President, Domestic Bursar, and Head Porter. The porters will tell you if there is a booking directly after yours, and if you do not return by the time the punt is needed again a fine will be levied. The official time when night starts varies, and is usually displayed at the Cripps Porters’ Lodge, in general you should return before sunset. Fines may be incurred if you return after this time. When you return, please remember to thread the chain through one of the metal rings on the quay, and to ensure that the chain, paddle, pole and punt are secured by the padlock. If you have any problems locking up the punt please let the porters know rather than allowing the punt to not be tied up.

Hire Charges

The hire charges are as follows:

Undergraduates, Graduates


College Staff, Senior Members of College, Non-resident Members of College, Old Johnians, Pupils of College School, Choristers, Members of Choir Association, British Antarctic Survey


Conference Guests


Porters, Punt Society Committee


Payment is due on return - so you can stay on the river as long as you want. The times are always rounded up, eg: punting for two hours and fifteen minutes is charged as three hours. Payment can be taken by cash or by card. 

The Committee

Committee 2022-2023

Myrsini Tsiarta ( President

Will Gibbens ( Junior Treasurer 

Lucius Bligh ( Graduate Treasurer

Karem Mumyakmaz ( Secretary

Liza Hadley ( Graduate Maintenance Officer

Beth Erskine ( Social Secretary 

Moses Liew ( Junior Maintenance  

Amir Kadkhodaei ( and Alexandra Shepherd ( Publicity Officer



All enquiries should be directed to the President of the Punt Society:

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