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An Oasis of Calm - 6.30pm Choral Evensongs

(Daily except Mondays)

Where else would you get a world-famous choir singing every evening on your doorstep? 

Cambridge life is intense.  If you haven’t found that out yet, you soon will and though you might not expect it (may never even have been to Church before), Choral Evensong could be the answer.  It’s 45 minutes of peace and quiet where no one will bother you and nothing is asked of you.  The Choir sings, a couple of readings from the Bible are read, there are a few short prayers and a hymn at the end.  It’s peaceful, relaxing and you get from it whatever you want.

For some it is an amazing spiritual high, for others it’s an escape, time to think or catch up on the day, or even just chance to watch the play of light and shadows on the wonderful nineteenth-century architecture.  The Dean and Chaplain are not the thought-police and won’t ever harry you.  You’ll receive a friendly welcome whether you come every night or just once a year.

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays tend to be the busiest and often have big music (especially Saturday).  On Sundays only there is a sermon lasting about 15 minutes from a distinguished guest speaker.  Wednesdays are sung my just the men of the Choir and is often a quiet night and Mondays are the Choir’s night off.

If you want, you can wear your gown on weekdays and a special white gown called a surplice (borrow them from the cupboard at the back of Chapel for the service) at weekends but you don’t have to.  It’s just an ancient right that shows it’s your Chapel, while all the rest are visitors.

You could put on a CD but why not walk just a couple of yards and listen to the real thing?