The Louis Cha Scholarship

The Scholarship

St John's College, Cambridge is delighted to announce that the late noted writer, press editor, and philanthropist Dr Louis Cha made a very generous donation to support postgraduate research on dynastic China at St John's. Dr Cha, internationally renowned for his novels on the Chinese past, provided considerable support for cultural and academic activities inside and outside Chinese communities. His choice of St John's, where he studied, for this gift stemmed from his appreciation of the College's longstanding commitment to scholarship on China and his confidence in its future ability to maintain traditions of excellence in a field of study dear to his heart.


St John’s College therefore proposes to award a Louis Cha Scholarship to enable a student to undertake research in the University of Cambridge in the literature, history, and culture of early and dynastic China (pre-1912). The successful applicant will be selected from those who have obtained a place at St John’s College Cambridge to read for the MPhil or PhD degree in a relevant subject. The next Competition is likely to be for those intending to commence their course at St John's in October 2023.

The Scholarship will be tenable for the duration of the student’s course up to a maximum of three years and will comprise (a) a maintenance grant of £16,050 per annum and (b) the approved University Composition fee. The value of any Scholarship will be reduced appropriately to take account of any payment from other sources.


For those who are not already members of the University there is no separate application form for this Scholarship. Candidates should apply to the University of Cambridge through the University’s Postgraduate Admissions Office for admission as a postgraduate student, specifying St John’s as their first choice of College. The University no longer issues a hard copy prospectus for Postgraduate applicants. Information on how to apply can instead be viewed on the University's Postgraduate Admissions Office website at

The papers of those who are accepted by the relevant University department will be passed on to St John’s who will then consider the candidate for a place in the College. All eligible candidates who by March 1st 2023 have been made a conditional offer by St John’s to read for the MPhil or PhD degree in the relevant subjects starting in October 2023 will be considered for the Louis Cha Scholarship. Those considered for the Louis Cha Scholarship will also be considered for all other St John’s Scholarships.

Those who are already members of the University should contact The Postgraduate Office, St John’s College, Cambridge CB2 1TP, U.K. for an application form.

The successful candidate will be notified by the end of April 2023.

In view of the delays that can occur as a result of sometimes lengthy selection processes in the University departments, applicants are advised to apply to the University's Postgraduate Admissions Office no later than 30 November 2022. Please note, however, that many University funding opportunities and some courses specify an earlier deadline.

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