Fred Hoyle: An Online Exhibition

Fred Hoyle was one of the twentieth century's most creative and controversial scientists. He is most widely remembered as a populariser of science and as the man who coined the phrase 'big bang'. His most scientifically significant work was in the field of stellar nucleosynthesis, the production of chemical elements inside stars. He was also a science fiction author and a keen mountain climber.

Hoyle was a Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge from 1939 until 1972. After his death his family donated his library, personal papers, and some personal effects to St John's College Library. This exhibition brings together some of the highlights from the Hoyle Collection and through them tells the story of Hoyle's life and work.

A History of  Fred Hoyle in 10 Objects introduces Hoyle's life and work through some of the highlights of the Hoyle Collection.  You can also explore the exhibition using the contents and overview pages, or choose one of the themes below. Click on any of the images in the exhibition for a more detailed view.

Copyright in the images used in the exhibition belongs to the Master and Fellows of St John's College, Cambridge, except where otherwise indicated.

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