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LBGT (Gay @ John's)

The Society

LBGT stands for Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay or Transgendered, but in reality the acronym is an umbrella term for all minority sexualities, orientations and genders, including those people who are confused or questioning of these aspects of their identities. The society functions both as a society and a welfare organisation for LBGT Johnians. Students of all orientations are welcome and encouraged to attend events, which include formal hall swaps, pre-Revs (the University LBGT club night) drinks and occasionally speakers or other socials. These events bring LBGT students together, providing a space for safe and open expression of all sexualities. The Cambridge-wide LBGT scene can sometimes be intimidating for students, particularly for freshers, those who are just coming out or who have not yet met many other LBGT people. Events such as pre-drinks are a place to meet other LBGT people in a more intimate setting, offering a possible route into the University LBGT community.

If you are experiencing any difficulty with some aspect of your sexuality or gender, or are confused, questioning, or thinking about coming out, it is possible to arrange an informal and non-judgmental chat with the college LBGT rep.

To arrange a chat or for any other enquiries, please contact a committee member

The Committee

Committee 2012-13

President: Dan (dtr26)
Junior Treasurer: Alex (awh86)


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