The Johnian Entrepreneurs Club

The Society

At the Johnian Entrepreneurs' Club - JEC for short - we are passionate about spreading entrepreneurial opportunities to Cambridge students. We aim to inspire the minds of Cambridge to act on their brilliant ideas by supporting their talent and growth and providing the resources and opportunities vital for their success. Simply, and more generally, we believe the unique leadership and critical thinking skills learned from working and engaging in entrepreneurship are integral to success in many fields and roles.

Through next-generation projects, exciting competitions, networking opportunities, and targeted real-world learning experiences, we're proud to be building a powerful entrepreneurial ecosystem, emanating from St. Johns College, throughout the entirety of Cambridge to drive growth, unlock students' full potential, and create a brighter future.

The Committee

Co-President: Atilla Kaplan (
Co-President: Mary Letey (
Secretary: Thomas Horniman (
Junior Treasurer: Florian Stockinger (
Senior Treasurer: Mark Wells (