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The History Society

The Society

The St John’s College History Society is one the most active history societies in Cambridge. We aim to provide two full terms worth of events (Michaelmas and Lent), an annual dinner and a garden party; all for the delectation of our members and the wider public. As well as being intellectually stimulating; the society also helps to bring together the historians (old and young) of St John’s.

We attract a very high calibre of speakers both from inside and outside of the university, which have, in the past, included professors, Knights and Peers of the realm. Last year the society was able to attract distinguished academics including Dr John Slight (who has done extended research on western relations with the East in the 19th and 20th centuries), Dr Richard Serjeantson (a fellow at Trinity College), and Professor David Carpenter (a medieval historian at King’s College London) amongst others, and even had a Member of Parliament (Tristram Hunt MP) address the society on the subject of Marxism.

Guests such as these are thought-provoking and entertaining as they offer a very unique perspective from the very top of their individual fields. A Society talk allows speakers to more freedom than they would have in a standard lecture. They can focus more precisely and in greater depth on their expertise, and the setting is less formal and more intimate. It given students the chance to listen and challenge renowned historians who are experts in their respective fields telling you what they really think about the past in the comfort of your own college.

The Committee

Committee 2016/17

President – Lizzie Galloway (eg472)

Junior Treasurer – Charlie Smith (cs841)

Secretary – Ned Gompertz (ejwg3)

Social Secretary – Noah Stevenson (naws2)

Senior Treasurer - Miss Tomaselli (st240)


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