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First Class students become new Scholars

On Saturday 1 November, 74 St John’s students were admitted as Scholars in an historic ceremony dating back over 500 years to the establishment of the College itself.

The honour of being named a ‘Scholar’ is awarded each year to undergraduate and graduate students who have demonstrated academic excellence by achieving a First Class (or equivalent) position in their university exams.

Every student who gets a First Class in their undergraduate exams, or who has reached distinguished performance in an MPhil is elected to a Scholarship and is also awarded a College Prize of up to £600 to help support their studies.

The ceremony, held in the College Chapel, formally ‘admits’ these high-achieving students as Scholars of St John’s. This means that they officially become members of the ‘Foundation’ of the College, which includes the Master, the Fellows and the Scholars.

For more information about scholarships and academic awards at St John’s, click HERE.