The Davies-Jackson Scholarship


Since 1990, the Davies-Jackson Scholarship has given the opportunity to many American students to experience education and life at St John’s College, and to build a successful career in Cambridge and beyond. Thirty years later, the Davies-Jackson Scholarship is being reformed and will redirect the financial support to students of other nationalities. The key principle remains the same: to support students who are the first in their families to go to University, come from families of modest means and have outstanding academic standard to thrive in the Cambridge environment.


The Scholarship is open to students who come to St John’s College to study for either the standard BA or the 2-year BA (Affiliated) course. It is open to all subjects apart from Law and Theology.

The key eligibility requirements are:

  • to be the first generation in their family to go to University;
  • to come from a family of modest means; 
  • to not be out of education for more than 5 years; and
  • to have excellent academic records.


Additional requirements:

  • Applicants for the two-year BA (Affiliated) course are eligible if they have obtained their first degree from an eligible UK University – you may find the full list of eligible Institutions here .
  • Applicants for the standard BA who qualify for the Home fee status are eligible only if they have attended a non-fee-paying school. The eligibility of these applicants will be determined based on socio-economic factors and Widening Participation indicators.
  • International students: The College is currently working on partnering with some international schools. The intention of the College is to open the Davies-Jackson scholarship up to international students from qualified and specifically designated educational institution in future years.



Value of the Scholarship

The Davies-Jackson Scholarship will cover up to the full cost of studies, including tuition fees and living expenses. The exact value of the scholarship will be determined based on the recipient’s financial circumstances and taking into account other funding they may be entitled to or in receipt of.

Application Process

The candidates for the Davies-Jackson Scholarship will be students who have applied for admission to St John’s College via UCAS and have gone through the standard admissions process of the College. After the offers of places are made in January, the College will identify the students who may be eligible for the Davies-Jackson Scholarship and will invite them to apply. You do not need to indicate that you would like to be considered for the Davies-Jackson Scholarship on your UCAS application. If you wish to, you may express your interest by sending an email to the Scholarship Administrator


For more information, please contact the Scholarship Administrator at