Beekeepers Society

The Society

The Beekeepers Society is a group of novice beekeepers currently caring for three charming colonies of honey bees, with the aim of producing honey every year. Everyone is very welcome to join our hive visits and get hands-on, with absolutely no experience or commitment required. Come along to don an invincible bee suit, delve into a hive of thousands of bees, and learn more about their fascinating behaviour.

Throughout the year, we run seasonal events, tastings and regular hive visits during the honey gathering season. We can also send interested beginners onto a regional beekeeping course to become the next generation of Johnian beekeepers.


beekeepers viewing hive

The Committee

Committee 2023-2024

President - Nynke Blömer (nb619)
Junior Treasurer - Kyle Reid (kmr66)
Senior Treasurer - Matthias Dörrzapf (md131)


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