Adams Society (Mathematics)


The Society

The Adams Society is the mathematical society of St John's College, and one of the oldest undergraduate societies in Cambridge. We are named after the Johanian mathematician John Couch Adams, who is famous for predicting the existence of the planet Neptune using nothing but its gravitational effects on the orbit of Uranus. Our members are all mathematics undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as Fellows at St John's.

There are Academic Talks and Social Events throughout the year, we organise talks of a mathematical nature, which are free and usually attended by 40 to 60 students both from St John's and other colleges. Recent speakers have included some of the most famous mathematicians in Cambridge, such as Fields Medallist Timothy Gowers, FRS, Lucasian Professor Michael Green, FRS, and former president of the London Mathematical Society John Coates, FRS.

Our members are also invited to a number of social events such as a Freshers Squash, a Desserts Party, our Annual Dinner and a Garden Party. Once a year we compete in a traditional Cricket match against the Trinity Mathematical Society.

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The Committee

Committee 2023 - 2024

President: Franklin Shiyi Wang (sw958)
Vice-President: Milica Vugdelic (mv548)
Secretary: Daniel Choi (wcc38)
Treasurer/Sponsorship Officer: Ben Wolstenholme (bw464)
Puzzle Officer: Timur Pryadilin (tp520)
Senior Treasurer: Peter Johnstone (