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Research and Innovation

The College aims to promote research by providing Research Fellowships for outstanding young academics and by supporting the research work of its Fellows and graduate students. These pages demonstrate the active research environment at St John's and provide more information about the College's researchers.

Research News

A team of scientists, led by St John’s College Fellow, Dr Akhilesh Reddy, has shed new light on the internal 24-hour clock of all life – from humans to algae.The 24-hour (circadian) rhythm of our bodies has always been assumed to be connected with DNA and gene activity. The first study conducted by Dr Reddy’s team found, for the first time,...
Lira Puebla, an Erasmus chemistry student at St John's College, was one of the three recipients of the Fundación Caja Madrid Award in Chemistry. This prestigious award was presented by the Prince and Princess of Asturias in a ceremony that was held on 24 May in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid.
Professor Carol Brayne and Dr Hannah Keage lead a team of researchers from the UK and Finland that discovers why people who stay in education longer have a lower risk of developing dementia Dr Hannah Keage, a Research Associate at St John's College, has co-authored the widely-reported study. Dr Keage, quoted by the BBC News Website, said, "...