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Research and Innovation

The College aims to promote research by providing Research Fellowships for outstanding young academics and by supporting the research work of its Fellows and graduate students. These pages demonstrate the active research environment at St John's and provide more information about the College's researchers.

Research News

Johnians are enjoying great success with a new project designed to spark interest in computer programming and electronics among school children: the Raspberry Pi. Eben Upton, a Johnian, and Dr Robert Mullins, a Fellow of the College, are two co-founders of the Raspberry Pi foundation. Over the past six years they have been involved with the...
Jessica Cooney, a PhD student here at St John’s, sheds light on ancient cave art discovered in the Dordogne:
Immunofluorescence image
For the first time, scientists have cleanly corrected a gene mutation in a patient’s stem cells, bringing the possibility of patient-specific therapies closer to reality. The team, led by researchers from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and the University of Cambridge, targeted a mutation responsible for cirrhotic liver disease and lung...