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Research and Innovation

The College aims to promote research by providing Research Fellowships for outstanding young academics and by supporting the research work of its Fellows and graduate students. These pages demonstrate the active research environment at St John's and provide more information about the College's researchers.

Research News

Dr Katrina Forrester
Dr Katrina Forrester, a current Research Fellow at St John’s College, was recently awarded a Dan David Prize Scholarship. Her research entry was in the field ‘Present Time Dimension: Ideas, Public Intellectuals and Contemporary Philosophers’, and therefore focussed on ‘achievements that shape and enrich society today’.
New Court
The following are elected into Fellowships under Title A from 1 October 2013:
Dr Robert Watson portrait
Dr Robert Watson, a Research Fellow of St John's College, has recently been interviewed about his exciting work by ACM Queue, a publication by the Association for Computing Machinery. The interview can be watched below and covers a range of interlinking topics from computer security and hardware-software interface to open source hardware...