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The College aims to promote research by providing Research Fellowships for outstanding young academics and by supporting the research work of its Fellows and graduate students. These pages demonstrate the active research environment at St John's and provide more information about the College's Research Fellows and Research Associates.

Research News

Applications are currently being invited for Research Fellowships at St John's College intended for outstanding researchers early in their careers. The Research Fellowships offer an opportunity to carry out independent research in a stimulating and supportive academic environment.  Applications will be accepted from any graduate of a university within or outside the United Kingdom.Applications must be submitted online and received by 5pm on Thursday 1 October 2015.
Amyloid fibrils of alpha-synuclein grown out of synthetic lipid vesicles
Excess quantities of a specific protein in the brain dramatically increase the chances of so-called "nucleation events" that could eventually result in Parkinson's Disease, according to a new study.The circumstances in which a protein closely associated with Parkinson’s Disease begins to malfunction and aggregate in the brain have been pinpointed in a quantitative manner for the first time in a new study.
A fascinating insight into how World War I affected the lives of people at St John’s College is now available to hear online.The lecture, St. John’s and the First World War: From New Court to France and the wider world, was given by Dr John Slight, a Research Fellow in history at St John’s, at the College’s Donor Day on 18 May. It blends a survey of the British experience of World War I with first-hand accounts and the often tragic personal stories of Johnians who served in the armed forces, or witnessed the effects of the conflict at home.