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17 October 2016
In a new study led by Dr Akshay Rao at St John's, researchers measure the spin properties of electronic states produced in singlet fission – a process which could have a central role in the future development of solar cells.
13 October 2016
Researchers led by St John's academic Stefano Martiniani have developed a new method for making effective calculations in “high-dimensional space” – and proved its worth by using it to solve a 93-dimensional problem.Researchers have developed a new technique for making calculations in “high-dimensional space” – mathematical problems so wide-ranging in their...
12 October 2016
For the second year running, St John’s College is the main venue partner for the Cambridge Festival of Ideas, a two week celebration of the arts, humanities and social sciences featuring an array of top speakers. All events are free and open to the public.
12 October 2016
MILSOM:  A Memorial Service for Professor Stroud Francis Charles (Toby) Milsom,  MA, Hon LLD, QC, FBA, Fellow of St John’s College and Emeritus Professor of Law, formerly Fellow of Trinity College, who died on 24 February 2016, aged 92, will be held in  St John’s College Chapel on Saturday 19 November at 12 noon.
10 October 2016
In a study led by Dr Jenny Zhang, a Research Associate at St John's, academics have found an unexpected performance-destructive pathway within Photosystem II, an enzyme at the heart of oxygenic photosynthesis, and one that is also being used to inspire new approaches to renewable fuel production.
Johannes Kepler, portrait by an unknown artist. Credit: Wikimedia Commons
26 September 2016
The trial in which the famous astronomer, Johannes Kepler, defended his mother from accusations of witchcraft has been turned into an opera, following new research into the original 17th Century legal proceedings.You’ve heard about his laws of planetary motion - now, prepare to experience the libretto. Drawing on fresh historical research, the 17th Century...
21 September 2016
The first significant investigation into the genomics of Aboriginal Australians has uncovered several major findings about early human populations. These include evidence of a single “Out of Africa” migration event, and of a previously unidentified, “ghost-like” population spread which provided a basis for the modern Aboriginal cultural landscape.
20 September 2016
Researchers including PhD student Giuliana Fusco have identified how alpha-synuclein, the protein associated with Parkinson’s Disease, enables communication between neurons in the brain, offering important clues about what may be happening to patients when the protein malfunctions.
20 September 2016
The Great British weather, interaction with the environment, and human nature are all subjects of the poems in the debut collection from Library Projects Assistant Rebecca Watts.The Met Office Advises Caution, published by Carcanet Press and released on 29 September, is a collection of 50 poems offering a witty, warm-hearted view of the British landscape,...
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