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1954 - The College staff gathered behind the Gordon Lennox Cup
10 April 2017
The neatly-mowed lawns and well-maintained grounds at St John’s are often taken for granted, but a new exhibition in the College Archive Centre celebrates the great work of the College gardeners during the 19th and 20th centuries.
6 April 2017
Eating a high-fat, high-sugar diet when pregnant “programs” both mother and child for potential health complications later in life by disrupting metabolic processes within the mother’s body, researchers have found. Eating a high fat and high sugar diet when pregnant leads to metabolic impairments in both the mother and her unborn child, which may “...
5 April 2017
Meet alumnus of the College, Jon Spiers, CEO of the UK’s leading autism research charity, Autistica. In the latest issue of Johnian News Jon has shared his take on the challenges facing people with the disability in 2017, revealing how research is offering new hope to those affected. Here's an extract;
31 March 2017
After another successful term for College rowing, the Lady Margaret Boat Club has plenty to celebrate. Student Laura Day has contributed this round-up on behalf of the club. 
28 March 2017
Student Ruari Crichard combines his course in Modern and Medieval Languages at St John's with a passion for cricket. He has played for the College, the University of Cambridge, and the Cambridge MCC University side. 
27 March 2017
A study led by a St John’s alumnus explains how refined oil theft is costing the global economy billions of dollars a year and helping to fund criminal and terrorist organisations.The “relatively invisible” crime of downstream oil theft, which involves stealing oil once it has been refined, is costing the global economy billions of dollars while funding...
24 March 2017
Medieval health at the mercy of the stars, human dissections that revolutionised the study of anatomy, and the great taboo surrounding female reproductive organs: A new exhibition at St John’s College explores what the treasures from the Library’s Special Collections reveal about the history of medicine.
St John's Voices
24 March 2017
St John’s Voices – the College’s mixed voice choir – have recently returned from their first major tour, which took them to Hong Kong and Singapore. This report was contributed by Henry Phillips, a 3rd-year Veterinary Sciences student.The choir, which is directed by Graham Walker, showcased a wide range of repertoire, singing at a number of private...
22 March 2017
New facial reconstruction of a man buried in a medieval hospital graveyard discovered underneath St John’s College sheds light on how ordinary poor people lived in medieval England. The audience of an event held at St John’s as part of this year’s Cambridge Science Festival found themselves staring into the face of a fellow Cambridge resident – one who...
21 March 2017
College Fellow Dr Andrew Arsan has been appointed to a visiting post in Brussels, in which he will examine how the gradual movement towards European integration from the early 19th Century also profoundly influenced developments in the Middle East.
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