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Singers performing 'Sardanapalo' by Liszt.
16 June 2017
A long-forgotten Italian opera by Franz Liszt entitled Sardanapalo has been brought to life after a year-long research project carried out by St John’s Research Fellow Dr Francesca Vella with a team of Cambridge and US scholars.
14 June 2017
Two staff members and a Fellow of St John’s College have been shortlisted for a poetry prize for their first collections.Adam Crothers, Special Collections Assistant, Rebecca Watts, Library Project Assistant, and Alex Wong, Research Fellow in English Literature at St John’s, have all been shortlisted for The Seamus Heaney Centre Prize for First Full...
14 June 2017
Julia Hwang launches her new CD Subito this week, the first CD by a soloist to be released on the St John’s label.Subito is the début album by Music undergraduate and internationally-renowned violinist Julia Hwang. Julia, who is in her final year at St John’s, is accompanied on the album by pianist Charles Matthews.
12 June 2017
More than a dozen student poets at St John’s have had their work published, many for the first time, in a new collection which celebrates the College’s thriving poetry scene. 
9 June 2017
Twenty years ago, a team of scientists at the University of Cambridge developed a test of ‘cognitive empathy’ called the “Reading the Mind in the Eyes” Test (or the Eyes Test, for short). This revealed that people can rapidly interpret what another person is thinking or feeling from looking at their eyes alone. It also showed that some of us are better at...
7 June 2017
Scans of volumes, articles and chapters of the College annual publication The Eagle dating back to the 1850s are now available online.Articles and volumes of The Eagle dating back to the first publication in the later 1850s have been scanned by members of the Library team, and are now available on the St John’s website.
5 June 2017
According to popular consensus, dining in a Cambridge college was, until the modern era, a highly exclusive experience, not least thanks to a strict hierarchy in which the academic Fellows were supposedly pre-eminent.
2 June 2017
Lifelong symbiotic relationships between plants and fungi are set up thanks to a protein that enables them to “communicate” researchers have found. The study shows that the transporter protein, which was previously unidentified in plants, conditions fungi to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with the plant.Plants such as maize and rice are able...
26 May 2017
An event aimed at raising awareness about mental health issues is being held at the Old Divinity School, St John’s College.The Mental Health and Wellbeing Event will take place on 2 June, and will include a personal video message from Stephen Fry as well as a screening of his documentary ‘The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive’.
24 May 2017
The spectacular variety of colours and patterns that butterflies use to ward off potential predators may result from highly localised environmental conditions known as “microhabitats”, researchers have found.The study, by an international team of researchers, attempts to explain why, even though butterfly species have evolved to mimic one another’s wing...
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