The Library

The College Library is divided into two sections. The Old Library dates from 1624 and houses historic manuscripts, rare books and personal papers. The modern Working Library houses borrowable books and current periodicals, as well as computer and work facilities to which members have 24 hour access.



A new poetry competition for students and staff has launched today, with a £100 prize for the winning entry. The College Archive Centre housed in the School of Pythagoras has launched a new poetry competition today. The competition, called "Poetry...
St John's in Fact and Fiction
Ever wondered what Wordsworth did in his spare time?What the rest of the university has against Johnians?What happened when the Devil visited College (disguised as a Master of Arts)?Find out the answers to these and more. See St John's College,...
A new exhibition in the Library at St John’s College, featuring never-before-seen material, has been launched to celebrate the centenary of prominent scientist Sir Fred Hoyle, best known for coining the phrase “Big Bang”.


20th Jan 2015

This exhibition, marking the centenary of Sir Fred Hoyle's birth, explores the varied life and scientific legacy of one of the twentieth century's first media scientists. His pioneering work in...