The Library

The College Library is divided into two sections. The Old Library dates from 1624 and houses historic manuscripts, rare books and personal papers. The modern Working Library houses borrowable books and current periodicals, as well as computer and work facilities to which members have 24 hour access.



Illuminated page from Lady Margaret Beaufort's "Book of Hours", 15th century
The most prized historic books and artefacts from St John's Old Library have been brought together for a new book, launched this week, which gives a glimpse into the remarkable and diverse collections held by the College. A book of Psalms over a...
Cedric Price, eccentric and influential architect
The life and work of Cedric Price, the unconventional and visionary architect best-known for buildings which never saw the light of day, is being explored in a new exhibition held at St John’s College, where Price was an undergraduate.A newly-opened...


5th Nov 2014

Cedric Price (BA 1955) was one of the most influential architects of the 20th century. His ideas continue to fire the imagination of successive generations of architects,...