The Library

The College Library is divided into two sections. The Old Library dates from 1624 and houses historic manuscripts, rare books and personal papers. The modern Working Library houses borrowable books and current periodicals, as well as computer and work facilities to which members have 24 hour access.



Scans of volumes, articles and chapters of the College annual publication The Eagle dating back to the 1850s are now available online.Articles and volumes of The Eagle dating back to the first publication in the later 1850s have been scanned by...


2nd Oct 2017

For a largely Royalist and Anglican institution, the civil war and commonwealth had proved a difficult and unhappy time. This exhibition highlights the response of the College to the restoration...

21st Oct 2017

The yale, a mythical beast found in European mythology, is an iconic symbol of St John’s College. These curious creatures, featuring elephants' tails, antelopes' bodies, goats' heads, and horns...