The Library

The College Library is divided into two sections. The Old Library dates from 1624 and houses historic manuscripts, rare books and personal papers. The modern Working Library houses borrowable books and current periodicals, as well as computer and work facilities to which members have 24 hour access.



1590 chart showing the defeat of the Spanish Armada.
Charts illustrating the defeat of the Spanish Armada, Henry VIII’s love letters to Anne Boleyn and a red velvet book once owned by Queen Elizabeth I are amongst the items going on public display at St John’s College for Open Cambridge this weekend.
New in Language and Literature: Chomsky and His Critics, edited by Louise M. Antony and Norbert Hornstein


18th Jul 2014

An ABC of early modern household knowledge

Household knowledge in the early modern period was a miscellaneous category, circumscribing cookery, needlework, the...

20th Oct 2014

An exhibition featuring a new video work by local artist Nick Gear, in response to William Wordsworth's much-loved 'Daffodils' poem. Items from the Library's extensive Wordsworth collection will...

25th Oct 2014

Why are some authors unknown? Why do some choose to write under a pseudonym or remain anonymous?

Find out in St John's College on Saturday 25 October as part of the...