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Caltech Exchange

an academic exchange with Caltech, for a summer project

The exchange scheme between St John's College and The California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California allows two undergraduates nominated by St John's College to take part in the Caltech Exchange during the Long Vacation. More information is below:

  • Subjects accepted: Almost all subjects in which there is an undergraduate science or engineering major and some in which there is only a graduate major provided a student has the background.
  • Caltech faculty recommend that students interested in highly theoretical areas such as astrophysics should now be in their third year to ensure that they have as much mathematical training as possible. For other areas, students now in their second or third year are fine (finalists will not be accepted).
  • Chemistry, geological and planetary sciences, biology and bioengineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering,computer science, etc. are all available research areas.
  • Student research projects are only limited by the research interests of the Caltech faculty and by faculty availability. Students do not have to have a project in mind, although it would be wise to check the faculty information and research fields of interest on the Caltech website.
  • Experimental, analytical, or observational projects are encouraged instead of theory projects.
  • The stipend from Caltech is likely to be approximately US $6000.
  • Travel expenses are covered for under the scheme by the College.

Medics in their second year should not apply.

Caltech is advertised to students in the Michaelmas Term with a deadline in October.

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