Visitor Policy

Visitor Policy


This policy applies to Members of the St John’s College community and to Visitors invited onto the main College site.

The College remains closed to members of the public and alumni from other Colleges. 

The College is taking reasonable and proportionate steps to keep people safe. We require Members of the St John’s College community and any permitted Visitors to comply with government policy and College guidance to reduce the transmission of Covid-19.  

'Members of the St John’s College community’ in this policy means: current Fellows; current staff including College Teaching Associates; current students, including those resident in College hostels, furnished lets or outside College; widows and widowers of former Fellows; and St John’s alumni. 

Anyone not falling within this definition, such as, former Fellows, former staff, the family and friends of Fellows, students, residents or staff, is considered ‘a Visitor’ for the purpose of this policy. Visitors may have access to the College site if any of the following applies:

  • you are a guest of a Member of the St John’s College community
  • you are visiting residential Fellows or students 
  • you have a work or education related purpose for attending the site
  • you are attending an organised event, which includes services in Chapel
  • you are staying in a College Guest Room
  • you are a member of the University (no additional guests permitted)


Students are limited to three guests and they must accompany their guests or meet them at the Porters’ Lodge prior to entry into the College.

Those visitors who are permitted access to the College site may use the College Buttery and Bar.  Members are asked to limit guests to two in this facility due to space constraints.

The College policy is that face coverings are worn in areas where social distancing and ventilation precautions cannot be implemented.

The College reserves the right to restrict visitor access, particularly at weekends or otherwise when necessary.

Overnight guests in College

Students are permitted to have overnight guests in keeping with the regulations in the Student Handbook.