Visitor Policy

Policy on access to the College grounds and main site, visitors to hostels and furnished lets

During the Covid-19 pandemic the College remains closed to members of the public, College and University alumni and all those who do not have specific business here.  

This policy focuses on Members of the College community and on Visitors.  

Members of the College community’ in this policy means: current Fellows; current staff including College Teaching Associates; current students, including those resident in College hostels, furnished lets or outside College, and widows and widowers of former Fellows. 

Anyone not falling within this definition, such as alumni, former Fellows, former staff, the family and friends of Fellows, students, residents or staff, is considered ‘a Visitor’ for the purpose of this policy.  Any Visitor with specific business in the College is asked to check in on arrival at a Porters’ Lodge.

The College will do everything that is reasonable and proportionate to keep people safe.  We require Members of the College community and any permitted Visitors to comply with government policy and College guidance to reduce the transmission of Covid-19.  

Using the College grounds

All current Members of the College community are permitted access to the College grounds. 

Following government guidance (Step 3 of the Covid Roadmap), from 17 May you may gather in groups of up to 30 outdoors. Face coverings no longer need to be worn outside.

When using the College grounds please remember:

  • The Great Gate and the rear of College are locked
  • Access to College is via the Forecourt or Cripps Lodge
  • Observe social distancing at all times

The playing fields remain open to all Members of the College community.

Visitors to the College main site

You may not have access to the College main site unless:

  • you are a Member of the College community as defined above
  • you have been identified as a member of a resident Fellow’s support bubble
  • you are a partner or family member of a Member of the College community
  • you are a guest visiting residential Fellows or students in their rooms (Note: to be met at the Porters’ Lodge as set out below)
  • you have an approved work/education related purpose for attending the site.

When on the College main site:

  • Partners, family members and guests of Members must be met by their host at the Porters’ Lodge prior to entry to College. Fellows may alternatively notify the Porters’ Lodge of their visitors in advance.
  • Use of the BDR, College Bar and other indoor communal College facilities are restricted to College Members only.
  • All should observe social distancing and the face covering policy at all times.

Guests of students and Fellows in residence on the main College site, in Hostel and Furnished Let Accommodation

Members of the College community may now entertain guests in their rooms. In line with government guidance, the ‘rule of six’ and social distancing guidelines must be followed at all times in indoor spaces. Students should therefore take into account the size of their rooms in deciding how many guests it is safe to entertain.  

Overnight visits

Students are now permitted to have overnight guests in keeping with the regulations in the standard Student Handbook.