Student guide on ordering food and provisions whilst in self-isolation


  1. If you want food from the College Buttery Dining Room (BDR), you must pre-order food from the online system Use this guide to set up a Upay account.
  2. If a friend/self-isolation supporter is collecting food on your behalf, they can come to the BDR at any time during the opening hours. (If you do not have a self-isolation supporter, the Catering Team will deliver lunch and dinner supplies. Delivery times may vary depending upon demand.)
  3. To order food, log on to Upay and enter the ‘Order Ahead’ section of the website labelled ‘Order from the College Bar’, not ‘Events’. Select your time and date, and you will find a series of drop down menus with different food options and prices.  

    order ahead


select food icons
  1. Hot food from the BDR or ready meals to microwave can be found under the ‘Ready Meals’ tab.  Note: The menu for lunch and dinner in the Buttery Dining Room is posted each week on the College website on the homepage of the intranet under ‘Dining Menus’
  2. To have a delivery brought/sent to your room, before checking out look for the ‘Special Requests’ section. You should write either:

    a) The name of person who is collecting the food on your behalf
    b) If you don’t have a self-isolation supporter yet, enter your College room number to where the delivery is to be made

Please note that the procedure for delivery of food to student rooms is as follows.

The Self-isolation supporter/staff member will:

  • knock on your door
  • put delivery on the floor
  • step back, and wait for you to open the door

For any queries please contact the Catering Department at