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Shanghai Jiao Tong University Exchange

The Exchange programme with Shanghai Jiao Tong University allows 3 undergraduate students nominated by St John’s College to participate in the Global Summer School organised by SJTU. SJTU was established in 1896 and today is a prestigious university, which holds the third place in the ranking among all the Chinese Universities. The aim of the programme is to offer to the participating students the opportunity to broaden their horizons and their international perspective.

Programme details

Dates 2018

The 2018 SJTU Global Summer School will run two sessions from July to August. Please see below the exact dates:
•Session A: 11 July - 26 July 2018
•Session B: 11 July - 3 August 2018

Courses 2018

• Outlook of Future Techniques in Aerospace Engineering (Session  A) *
• China's Public Policy and City Governance (Session A)
• China's Policy on Climate Change, Energy and Environment (Session A)
• Traditional Chinese Medicine and Culture (Session A)
• Strategic Design for the Enhancement of Architectural, Urban, Environmental Resources (Session A)
• Green City Green Future (Session A)
• Discovery China (Session A)
• Discover Chinese Culture through Creative Drama (Session B)
• Green Technology for Environmental Pollution Control (Session B) *

In addition, free Chinese Language and Culture is offered as optional course to all students. Global Summer School provides international students with a unique experience of Chinese culture and history through a combination of lectures, workshops and field trips.

To view the 2018 Global Summer School brochure online, please click here.

* If you are interested in the "Outlook of Future Techniques in Aerospace Engineering" or the "Green Technology for Environmental Pollution Control" programme, please note that they take place in the Minhang campus.


The selection is performed on the basis of academic excellence and the successful applicants are the ones who are expected to benefit more from the Exchange Programme.

Costs covered

• Tuition Fees
• Accommodation
• Travel / Insurance / Visa costs
• A fixed amount for maintenance expenses
• Cost of one of the weekend trips organised by SJTU

Application Procedure

Application Procedure

The SJTU Exchange is usually advertised to students in November with a deadline in December. The exact dates will be posted on this webpage closer to the date and a relevant announcement will be made by Student Services.

Students who wish to apply will be asked to also attach: (i) a basic CV, and (ii) a personal statement, underlying which of the courses they would be interested in and how they feel that it would benefit their academic and personal development. It would be helpful if you could include two options in order of preference, in case the session of your first choice is cancelled.

The successful candidates will be notified at the end of January.

In the meantime, Student Services would be happy to respond to informal enquiries and requests for information.



Katherine Wren“I've spent my summer working in Professor Yang’s lab in the MedX building on Xuhui campus. I love to travel and have always been interested in China, but didn't speak any Mandarin before coming here [Shanghai] so was pretty worried about how I'd manage to get around! I needn't have worried - from fellow passengers on the tube to the amazing girls in my lab, there's always someone around ready to lend a hand when you're stuck. I’ve had the opportunity to participate in an unbelievably diverse range of projects, learning techniques from optogenetic modification to synchrotron imaging to microsurgery.

As well as learning a huge amount in the lab, I ate my way with watering eyes through Schezuan hotpots, blood tofu and cow intestines; braved my fear of heights to climb the pearl tower (see above); and most importantly, finally learnt how to avoid covering myself with hot soup from Shanghai’s famous xiaolongbao. Whilst I still use chopsticks ‘like a three year old Chinese kid’ according to my buddy, I can only see that as a reason to return to Shanghai for more practice - it's been an amazing summer and I wish I could do it all over again.”

- Katherine Wren, 3rd year Medical student, Summer 2016