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20/03/2018 9:30

Science in Archaeology Day

Hosted by St John's College, Science in Archaeology Day on 20th March will give prospective undergraduate students an opportunity to see how archaeologists and biological anthropologists use science to uncover human past. Featuring presentations and hands-on activities on major methods and themes such as:

-geoarchaeology and the development of landscapes
-human evolution and ancient DNA
-zooarchaeological investigations
-archaeobotany and the origins and spread of agriculture
-the isotopic analyses of human and animal material, to study palaeodiet and palaeoclimate
-chemical analyses of archaeological materials -human morphology

Current Year 12 students, mature students, parents/carers and teachers are more than welcome to attend.

In some cases travel bursaries may be available. Please contact the Department of Archaeology's outreach coordinator, Laure Bonner, at to find out more.

The event is free to attend, but booking is required.

There is (very) limited free accommodation available to those travelling from further away. Please contact for further details.

For information about Archaeology at St John's College, please see:

For information about Archaeology at Cambridge, please see: