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Privacy and cookies information for College members

In addition to the cookies described in the main Privacy Policy, cookies are set by other internal systems which have been provided for your convenience. This page only describes systems hosted by the College, and does not include University-wide systems such as CamTools or CamSIS. The College makes use of the University’s Raven Authentication service, which sets a cookie to keep track of logged-in users.

All the cookies mentioned below contain no personal information (often just a ‘session id’) and expire when the browser is closed.

The College Website

The College website uses the Raven Authentication service in conjunction with its own user database. After authenticating with Raven, the College website matches up your CRSid with an account on the College website and sets a cookie to keep track of your logged-in session.

The College website holds certain information about users, in order to improve the services offered by College. For example, allowing the website to email information and opportunities to Members. This information is imported from CamSIS and includes your name, CRSid, course, Tutor and your level of study. The website also stores the date you last accessed it.

The Survey System

The College uses an online tool to allow students to complete forms and surveys online. This is far more convenient and easier to manage than paper-based systems. College Members will occasionally be emailed forms they have to complete, or be directed to application forms, with a URL that starts: . This system uses several cookies to keep track of your progress with the online form.

Occasionally information such as your name and email address may be imported in to the system, so that automatic reminders about important deadlines can be sent.

All data traffic to and from the survey system is encrypted.

The Room Ballot System

Information will appear on the Room Ballot website in due course.

Webmail Access (Staff only)

The College provides staff with the ability to access their emails online, at . This service sets a cookie to keep track of your logged-in session.

All data traffic to and from the webmail system is encrypted.

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