The Company

praevisum (foresight) is an early-stage company focused on the world of Active Data, the business data that flows around every enterprise, underpins business processes, creates products and services, and generates revenue.

Today, these flows are largely invisible - and often poorly understood. This lack of clarity impacts all organisations in their day-to-day operations, and results in inefficiency and additional costs (especially when undergoing change). Whilst in sectors like healthcare, there is more at stake than just money.

praevisum has developed a platform (called GALEN after the early Greek anatomist) which:
•    maps the business processes from the actual flows themselves (“mapping reality not conjecture”) in real-time
•    allows traceability of individual data elements throughout (data lineage and data provenance)
•    interfaces with organisational design and operating model initiatives and tools
With GALEN, we often talk about Business Anatomy – the ability to view and manage any digital organisation or business as a living thing.

During the last year, we have been engaged by our first two clients (both well-known international firms), and are also partnering with Fujitsu as a global sales and deployment channel. Additional clients and channels are currently under development too.

The Opportunities

There are two research projects for an intern to be involved with, both of which can be undertaken remotely. The founders will provide in person and remote support, feedback and discussion on a regular basis.

Project 1 - Presenting data relationships at scale


  • Initial research on current methodologies for presenting complex data lineage and data entity relationship for extremely large-scale systems
  • Mock-up of a solution to present this information 
  • Demonstration of ability to navigate through the system and discover important relationships and identify potential issues
  • Development of a design pattern for how to take forward a production solution


Required skills 

  • Theoretical understanding of data relationships preferred but not necessary
  • An interest in visualising complex data models
  • Able to undertake research independently


Project 2 - Representing change and differencing


  • Investigation and prototype development of a visual  solution to represent data and process change in an organisation
  • Investigation and prototype development of a differencing engine to display in detail  – and with clarity- the changes that have occurred


Required skills 

  • Knowledge of a programming language: Python, JAVA, Go, C++ or similar
  • Ideally prior knowledge of BPMN 2.0 or similar process and data modelling notations