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Browne 1406 (formerly K.1). Qur'an. Arabic.

Paper. 210 x 150mm. 450 fos. Collation: 112, 210-4410, 458.

Naskhi script, vocalised and rubricated, within red borders. 11 lines to a page. The opening 2 pages have decorated borders of blue, red and yellow.

Blind tooled brown/red goatskin Islamic binding with flap.


    Vellum,  13.6 x 9.5, ff. 3 + 26 + 156 + 24, 39 lines to a page.  Late 14th cent. (after 1388), very beautifully written and ornamented. 

    No donor's name appears.


    Paper, 13 x 9, ff. 244, 33 lines to a page.  16th cent., in a sloping hand.

Initials and ornaments in red.

    Given by John Collins, M.D., Regius Professor of Physic and formerly Fellow, in 1634.

    Collation:  on p. 485 is the note :

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