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Browne 1438. African Qur'an. Arabic.

Paper. 175 x 120mm. c. 500 loose fos.

Vocalised and rubricated. Contains circular and other coloured decorations.

Native blind-tooled brown/red leather wraparound binding with wrapping band.

Browne 1435 (formerly N.10). Arabic Horarium.

Paper. 150 x 105mm. 151 fos. Collation: 1 flyleaf, 18 (wants 1), 28-138 (+ 1), 1410 (6 canc.), 158-198 (wants 7 and 8), 2 flyleaves. 18th-19th century. Has suffered from damp.

Rubricated. 19 lines to a page.

Browne 1433. Testimonial given to Prof. Edward Henry Palmer in 1867. Arabic and Persian.

Paper mounted on cloth. Scroll 1250 x 315mm.

Browne 1432. A transcription into the Roman character of a large portion of the Alf Layla wa Layla, with English notes.

Paper. 330 x 200mm. 2 vols., 234 fos and 163 fos.

Half-leather green bindings with gold tooled spines.

Browne 1429 (formerly A/W.5.69). An Arabic-Italian vocabulary.

Paper. 215 x 165mm. 654p.

Islamic binding of brown goatskin and green paper with white floral pattern, with flap.

An Arabic-Italian vocabulary, very neatly written in two columns, arranged from right to left according to the Arabic alphabetical order.

Browne 1421. Qur'an. Arabic.

Paper. 165 x 110mm. 390 fos.

Well written Naskhi, vocalised, within gold borders. 15 lines to a page. The opening 2 pages have decorated headpieces and borders of gold, red, pink, orange, green, blue and black. Sura headings in white on gold ground.

Gold tooled black goatskin Islamic binding with flap.


    Vellum and paper, 15 x 11.2, two volumes, the second a printed book. 

    Donor, T. C. S.

    Collation: Vol. I, i8 - xii8 (17 leaves of blank paper), four leaves vellum,

Browne 1420 (formerly S.13). Extracts from the Qur'an (Suras 36-114). Arabic.

Paper. 155 x 105mm. 16 fos. Collation: 116.

Naskhi script, vocalised and rubricated. 11 lines to a page.

Bound with its earlier paper covers in a 19th century gold tooled dark blue goatskin binding.

Browne 1419 (formerly K.14). Part of the Siratu 'Antara. Arabic.

Paper. 215 x 160mm. 111 fos. Collation: 112, 212, 310-1010, 11? (7 left), 3 flyleaves.

Naskhi script, rubricated.

Islamic binding of brown/red goatskin and yellow paper with flap.

Ends abruptly.

Browne 1418 (formerly K.13). Part of the Siratu 'Antara. Arabic.

Paper. 210 x 160mm. 77 fos. Collation: 1 flyleaf, 110, 210, 38, 48, 514 (+ 1), 66, 714, 86, 1 flyleaf .

Naskhi script.

Islamic binding of black goatskin and blue paper with flap.

Ends abruptly.

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