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Next generation of Physicists inspired by Cambridge

Students from schools around the country came to St John’s College to experience student life and learn about studying Physics at Cambridge University.

A-level and sixth form students from schools, academies and colleges around the country visited Cambridge today to learn about studying Physics at Cambridge and to experience student life at the College.

The visit was organised by St John’s in collaboration with other Cambridge Colleges and the Department of Physics, in order to provide students with information about applying to university when they make their Higher Education choices.

During their visit, the students got to experience what it is like to live and study in a Cambridge College. They were presented with talks about studying Natural Sciences at Cambridge, how the collegiate system works and the various means of financial support offered by the College and the University to encourage young people of all backgrounds to apply to Cambridge.

The group also had the chance to talk to current students at St John’s, and learn about the many extra-curricular, sporting and social opportunities the University has to offer. After their visit to the College, they were taken on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Department of Physics and the world-renowned Cavendish Laboratory, where over 30 Nobel Prize winners studied and researched, including DNA pioneers Francis Crick and James Watson.

Mahdi Rahim, from Ilford County High School in Essex, was selected to go on the visit by his teachers as part of a “Gifted and Talented” group. He said that he didn’t know much about Cambridge before he came to St John’s, apart from its “intimidating” reputation for academic excellence. Mahdi said:

“The atmosphere at St John’s is really friendly and there always seems to be a lot of social activities going on as well as a really broad range of courses and topics to study. It seems like a fun place to live, and I am definitely going to consider applying here when I make my UCAS choices.”

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