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The personal papers of Henry Mathison Pelling (1920-1997), historian

If you would like to consult any of this material, please contact the Special Collections Librarian (tel. 01223-339393).

Box 1

Typescript copies of Churchill's peacetime ministry 1951-55.

MS draft of parts of Churchill's peacetime ministry 1951-55. 16p.

Box 2

Notebooks containing notes for Churchill's peacetime ministry:

  1. The Times 1/10/51 - 13/6/52.
  2. The Times 14/6/52 - 9/6/53.
  3. The Times 10/6/53 - 23/1/54.
  4. The Times 23/1/54 - 7/8/54.
  5. The Times 7/8/54 - 30/1/55.
  6. Missing.
  7. Ismay papers; Cabinet Conclusions from Oct 51 to end Jan 52; PREM 11.
  8. Cab Conclusions 29/1/52 - 31/7/52. PREM 11/-337.
  9. Cab Conclusions Aug 52 - Jan 1953. PREM 11/337-532.
  10. Cab Conclusions Jan 53 - 8/9/53. PREM 11/556-656.
  11. Cab Conclusions 16/9/53 - 3/3/54. PREM 11/657-670.
  12. Cab Conclusions 4/3/54 - 17/9/54. PREM 11.
  13. Cab Conclusions 21/9/54 - 31/12/54. PREM 11/726-935.
  14. Cab Conclusions 1/1/55 - 5/4/55. PREM 11/935-.
  15. Eden Papers.

Box 3

  1. Eden Papers microfiche 1. Mostly 1953 some 1954.
  2. Eden Papers microfiche 2 1954.
  3. Eden Papers 1954-5 microfiche 3.
  4. Eden Papers 1955; Hansard Oct. - Nov. 1951; Documents on international affairs 1951.
  5. FO 800; PREM 11.
  6. Shuckburgh, Descent to Suez; Ferrell, Eisenhower Diaries; Sendall, Independent television in Britain; Charlton, The price of victory; Young, The foreign policy of Churchill's peacetime administration 1951-1955; Swinton, Sixty years of power; Webster, The health services since the War; Cable, The Geneva Conference of 1954 on Indochina; FRUS 1952-1954 vol. xvi The Geneva Conference; FRUS 1952-1954, Part 2; FRUS 1952-1954 vol. v part 2.
  7. Churchill College - Kilmuir; Trinity College - RA Butler.
  8. RA Butler MSS; Cairncross, The Robert Hall Diaries 1947-53; Boyd-Carpenter, Way of life; MacDougall, Don and mandarin.
  9. Crookshank diary; Cherwell papers.
  10. Woolton papers; MSS Conservative Party: Report of Committee on Trade Unionists Policy and Organisation; National Union of Conservative and Unionist Associations, 71st annual conference, Blackpool, 12-14 October 1951, official reprorts; CC 04; Monthly summary of reports on public opinion April - July 1954; Hansard 1954; Economic Survey 1954-5; Monckton.
  11. Gilbert, Churchill's political philosophy; The Times 31/1/55 - 7/4/55; Guardian 1/4/55 - 7/4/55; Economist 3/11/51 - 5/4/52; Devereux, Britain, the Commonwealth and the defence of the Middle East 1948-56 (Journal of Contemporary History 24, 2, Sept. 1989); Hansard.
  12. Economist April 1952 - July 1952; Sunday Times 1951; Hansard; Annual Register 1952-3; Economist 8/11/52; RAB 29/7/52.
  13. Daily Telegraph Oct - Nov 1951; Lysaght, Brendan Bracken; Hansard Jan - Feb 1952; Folliot, Documents on international affairs 1952; Hansard March 1952; Annual Register 1952; PREM 11/138; Hansard 1952; Barclay, The first commonwealth division; FRUS 1952-54 vol xv; Hansard 1952; The colonial territories 1951-52 (Parliamentary Papers, 1951-52, xxiv); The colonial territories 1952-53 (Parliamentary Papers, 1952-53, xxiii); The colonial territories 1953-54 (Parliamentary Papers, 1953-54, xxv); Douglas-Home, Evelyn Baring: the last proconsul; Rosberg, The myth of Mau Mau: nationalism in Kenya; Goldsworthy, Colonial issues in British politics 1945-61; The colonial territories 1953-54 (Parliamentary Papers, 1953-54, xxv cont.); Hansard 1953; FRUS 1952-54 vol. ix; Hansard 1952; BJIR March 1991; Dept of Employment Gazette March 1991; BJIR March 1989; Annual Review article 1988; Employment Gazette June 1991; ACAS Annual Report 1990; Employment Gazette June - July 1991; BJIR July 1989.

Box 4

  1. FRUS 1952-54 vol. v; Cross, Lord Swinton; Kent, In on the act; Swinton papers; Fursdon, The European Defence Community; FRUS 1952-54 vol. vi; AR 1954; AR 1955; Hansard 1954; Brown, The battle of Crichel Down; Statement on defence 1955 (Parliamentary Papers, 1954-5, 475-504); The supply of military aircraft (Parliamentary Papers, x, 511-22); Hansard.
  2. CAB 129, Feb - Dec 1952; FO 371; T236/ Operation Robot 1952; CAB 129, Oct - Dec 1951.
  3. PREM 11; CAB 129.
  4. CAB 129 10/12/52 - 4/9/53; CAB 131.
  5. Mansfield, The British in Egypt; CAB 129 4/9/53 - 25/5/54; Hansard; Annual Register 1953; Hansard 1952; PREM 11/373.
  6. CAB 129 24/5/54 - 29/12/54.

Unnumbered notebooks:

CAB 129 6/1/55 - 5/4/55; PREM 11.

Painter, Oil and the Marshall Plan (Business History Review lviii, 1984); Hansard; Annual Register 1951, 1952; FRUS 1949; Cairncross, The price of war. British policy on German reparations 1941-9; Gimbel, The American occupation of Germany: politics and the military 1945-9; Peterson, The American occupation of Germany: retreat to victory; FRUS 1950; Donovan, Tumultuous years: the presidency of Harry S. Truman 1949-53; McCoy, The presidency of Harry S. Truman; Kaplan, The United States and Nato; FRUS 1948, 1949; Economist 1952-3; FRUS 1952-4; FO 800/467; Clark & Wheeler, The British origins of nuclear strategy 1945-55; Gowing, Independence and deterrence: Britain and atomic energy 1945-52; Dorchester, The Crichel Down Case (Public Administration, xxxii, 1954); Clark & Wheeler, The British origins of nuclear strategy 1945-55; Hansard.

Hansard; FRUS 1952-54; A history of post-war Russia; Annual Register 1953; Hansard; FRUS 1952-53; Slessor, The great deterrent; Divine, Eisenhower and the Cold War; Hansard; Economist 19/12/53; Hansard; Documents on international affairs 1953; Daly, Imperial Sudan; Bell, Shadows on the sand; Hansard; Address by President Eisenhower to the American Society of Newspaper Editors on the pospects for world peace, 16 April 1953 (Documents on international affairs 1953); FRUS 1952-54; Annual Register 1953, 1954.

CAB 131 Defence Committee 24/10/46 - 10/9/51.

'Atlee conditions 1951': Hansard.

Cantab shorthand book: Annual Register 1950; Hansard; Economic Cooperation (Parliamentary Papers, 1950-1, xxxiii); CAB 134 MAC(51) papers; FO 371; The Times 6/3/75; Coleman, Courtaulds. An economic and social history vol. 2; Phillips, The relation between unemployment and the rate of change of money wage rages in the United Kingdom 1861-1957 (Economica. N.S. 25, 1958).

Spicers notebook: Kuczynski, Short history of labour conditions under industrial capitalism; Simon, English sanitary institutions; Monypenny & Buckle, Life of Benjamin Disraeli; Gulley, Joseph Chamberlain and English social politics; Gash, Politics in the age of Peel; The Welfare State.

The Fleetline notebook: Balfour papers; List of MPs names in alphabetical order 1901, 1907 etc.

No.1. Shorthand book: Green, A history of the Football Association; Jackson, Sporting days and sporting ways; Magoun, History of football from the beginnings to 1871; Marples, A history of football.

Girton notebook: Herd, The march of journalism; Butterfield, George III and the historians; The Poor Laws and the distribution of population c.1600-1800 with special reference to Lincolnshire (Trans. Inst. Brit. Geographers 1959); Roberts, Victorian origins of the British Welfare State; Finer, The life and times of Sir Edwin Chadwick; The politics of democracy: the English Reform Bill of 1867 (Journal of British Studies, vi, Nov. 1966); Myers, Politics and personality in ? Holt (Renaissance and Modern Studies, x, 1966); Greenwood, The seven curses of London; Prothero, Labour working-class movements 1825-48; Griffith, The resurrection of Hungary.

'Wales': Church Congress 1899; Ravenstein, On the Celtic language in the British Isles: a statistical summary (Journal of the Statistical Society 1875); The Times 11/2/92; Williams, Geographical distribution of political opinion in the County of Glamorgan for the Parliamentary elections 1820-1950; Albert Spicer 1847-1934; Johnes, An essay on the causes which have produced dissent from the established Church in the Principality of Wales; Jenkins, The ? of nationalism in Wales (Sociological Review, xxvii, 1935); Royal Commission on Land - Wales and Monmouthshire (Parliamentary Papers, 1896, xxiv); Hamer (ed.), The personal papers of Lord Rendel; Languages in Wales and Monmouthshire (Parliamentary Papers, 1893-4, cvi); The Cardiff region: a survey prepared for the meeting of the British Association in Cardiff 1960; Census of England and Wales 1911 (Parliamentary Papers, 1913, lxxix); Church of England in Wales (Parliamentary Papers, 1910, xiv); Roman Catholic or Church of England & other religious bodies in Wales & Monmouthshire (Parliamentary Papers, 1910, xviii); Church of England in Wales (Parliamentary Papers, 1910, xiv); Rhys & Brynmor-Jones, The Welsh people; Ashby & Evans, The agriculture of Wales and Monmouth; Rees, Studies in Welsh history; James, Church history of Wales; 1888 Church Congress; Morgan, A study of the attitude and policies of the British political parties towards Welsh affairs ... 1870-1920.

Loose notebook pages including: Daily Chronicle 1906-7; Smith, The Conservative Party and some problems primarily affecting the condition of the working classes 1866-80; Guardian 1885-6; Gregory, The miners in politics in England and Wales 1906-14; Gibson, A compilation of statistics ... of the coal mining industry of the United Kingdom; Gladstone MSS; Parliamentary Papers, 1889, xv; Parliamentary Papers, 1892; Parliamentary Papers, 1904, cviii; Tobias, The influence of social, economic and administrative change in crime and criminals in selected areas of England 1815-75; Briggs, Trade Union history and Labour history (Business History, viii, 1966); Balfour Papers; Salisbury Papers; Newspaper cuttings relating to Brightside elections of 1900, 1906, 1910; Mills, English villages in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries (The Amateur Historian, vi, 1965); Parliamentary Papers, 1850, xxvii.

'Bibliography: theses, newspapers.' Loose pages. List of theses and newspapers. Includes the following letters:
ALS from Bernard Donoughue, London School of Economics, to Pelling, 15 March 1968, re Herbert Morrison papers. 1p.
Typescript letter signed from J.S. Ritchie, Deputy Keeper National Library of Scotland, to Pelling, 21 November 1966, re Lord Haldane papers. 1p.
Typescript declaration regarding access to papers of 1st Viscount Samuel from House of Lords Records Office. 1p.
Typescript letter signed from C.G. Allen, Keeper of MSS British Library of Political and Economic Science, to Pelling, 1 April 1968, re Beveridge and Lothian papers. 1p.

MS notes from Lansbury papers. 2p.

MS notes from various publications, mostly French. 11p.

MS notes. 4p.

3 Oxfam Christmas cards with 'from Henry Pelling' in typescript inside.

Box 5

1990 pocket diary.

1994 pocket diary.

Copy of Declaration of Independence 4 July 1776.

Copy of the Constitution of the USA.

Envelope of cuttings and leaflets re Ramsay MacDonald.

ALS from Larry Steen to Pelling, 29 August 1993. 1p.

'Revisions to A short history of the Labour Party (9th edition) for a 10th edition by Henry Pelling.' Typescript.

Typescript letter signed from Peter Brown (Secretary, The British Academy) welcoming Pelling to the Academy and providing information, 29 July 1992. 5p.

Paul Lashmar, 'The night the RAF 'bombed' Russia.' Cutting from The Daily Telegraph, 7 February 1994.

'Q & A.' Cutting from Liberal Democrat News, 3 July 1992.

Eric Hopkins review of Pelling's A short history of the Labour Party (9th ed.). Labor History, [1991], 287-8.

Typescript card addressed to Dr Pelling giving notice of a change of address for Richard and Helen Langhorne.

Printed table showing 'GDP (A) at factor cost £m', 'GDP (A) at constant factor cost £m (1985 prices)', 'Resident population: mid-year estimates: United Kingdom: Persons (000's)' for the years 1946-91. 1p.

ALS from Peter to Pelling, undated. 2p.

Statement of account from W. Heffer & Sons, Cambridge, December 1993.

'Seeley Historical Library. Articles from journals received during December 1993.' Typescript. 4p. There is a cross next to 'Getting Marlowe to hold his tongue: the Conservative Party, the intelligence services and the Zinoviev letter' by Ferris and Bar-Joseph (Intelligence & National Security, vol. 8, October 1993).

P.A. Linehan, 'History in a changing world: the case of medieval Spain.' St. John's College Lecture at the University of Hull, 26 April 1988. Typescript. 29p. 'Henry from Peter' on the front.

Copy of typescript letter from Lewis Douglas (US Ambassador to GB, 1947-50) to W. Averell Harriman, 11 May 1948. 3p.

Typescript essay beginning 'The 1945 General Election was a decisive election.' 18p.

Typescript letter from Michael Young, Director Institute of Community Studies, to Pelling, 3 August 1981. 2p.

'Franks - an Oxbridge view, by Henry Pelling.' The Cambridge Review, 11 June 1966, 477-8.

'The British Communist Party.' Letter from Pelling. Cutting from The Times Literary Supplement, 26 May 1966.

Scott Jaschik, 'A new biography, a best-seller in Britain, debunks the Churchill 'myth'.' The Chronicle of Higher Education, 27 January 1993, A6-A8. Re Churchill: the end of glory by John Charmley.

Typescript letter to the Editor of ? from Pelling, pasted to which is a newspaper cutting with a letter from Robert J. Bibbero to the Editor, both regarding the origin of the phrase 'iron curtain.'

'Sayings of the decade' & 'The last 3653 days.' The Observer, 28 December 1969, pp.7-10.

Second page of typescript letter signed from Robert Faber to Pelling, 22 February 1983. On the back are MS notes by Pelling from R. Kelf-Cohen Nationalisation in Britain (2nd ed., 1961).

Typescript letter signed from Michael Sissons, A.D. Peters & Co., Writers' Agents, to Pelling, 29 February 1988, enclosing a countersigned copy of the Eastern Press contract for Pelling's Winston Churchill. 5p.

Statement addressed to Pelling from The Softback Preview.

Autograph letter signed from Dr Shelagh Lucas to Pelling, 24 May 1989. 1p.

Typescript letter signed from Karen Mitchell, Penguin books, to Pelling, 4 April 1991, re possibility of new edition of Pelling's A history of British Trade Unionism. 1p.

Signed contract for 'The Churchill Administration 1951-55' between Pelling and The MacMillan Press, 9 August 1990.

Bibliography of British Labour and Radical Journals 1880-1914, compiled by Jacqueline Brophy with the advice of Henry Pelling. Typescript. 30p. With MS additions by Pelling. Presentation inscription on cover: 'Henry - In speechless admiration. Jackie.'

MS copy of review by G.M. Trevelyan of A history of the Tory Party, 1640-1714 by Keith Feiling. 8p.

Photocopy of typescript list of the contents of 'War Emergency Workers' National Committee' Boxes 1-37. 15p.

Photocopies from ?: United Kingdom available resources; balance of payments (pp.67-73); The 1949-50 programme of the United Kingdom (pp.247-62).

British Library photocopy order form filled in by Pelling, 27 April 1984.

Typescript letter from Benefits Agency to Pelling, 30 June 1994, re attendance allowance. 2p.

Memorandum of agreement between Pelling and Oxford University Press re a new edition of The origins of the Labour Party, 3 April 1964. 4p.

'Notice of assessment under the Income Tax Acts by the Special Commissioners' addressed to Pelling, 24 January 1963.

Typescript letter from Thomas Nelson & Sons to Pelling, [1962], enclosing Royalty statement from 1 July to 31 December 1962 for Modern Britain 1885-1955. 2p.

Author's account from Thomas Nelson & Sons to Pelling, 11 January 1963. 2p.

'Report of net sales' of Pelling's American Labor for 12 months ending 30 June 1962, from The University of Chicago Press.

Photocopies of CAB 37/108/148 from the PRO. 6p.

Typescript article on Harold Wilson for Encyclopaedia Americana, with MS alterations by Pelling dated October 1964. 18p.

Box 6

Disks containing text of Churchill's peacetime ministry 1951-55.

Battery charger.

Medal inscribed Philip Grierson 1990.

Ash tray.

Capstan tobacco box containing odds and ends.

Marble box decorated with flowers containing cufflinks, keys etc.

Two paint brushes.

What to do when someone dies. Which? Consumer Guides (London, 1992).

Sussex Tapes HA 10 War and Society from 1914. Dr Henry Pelling, Professor Arthur Marwick. 1971. Tape with booklet.

Bronze replicas of a pair of ballots from an Athenian law court.

Three passports (Given by Dr P.F. Clarke, July 2004).

Box of slides.

Card indexes

Cards headed with names of London electoral districts with notes from books and newspapers.

Cards with questions & references to books.

'Electoral geography comment.' Cards with notes under following sections: Cornwall, Devon; Bristol etc.; Wessex; South-East; Central; W. Midlands; E. Midlands; Peak-Don; Yorks; N. Eng; Wales.

'Electoral Geog.' Cards with notes under following sections: Bristol &c; E. Anglia; E. Midland; Central; Lancs; Ches; Wessex; West Mid; Cornwall & Devon; London; Home Cos; North Eng; Yorks; Peakdon; Wales; Scotland; Ireland; E. Anglia; London; Lancs &c; Scotland.