Papers of Sir Fred Hoyle (1915-2001), astronomer

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N.B. Items marked as Closed are closed access. To request access to material marked Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family please contact the Special Collections Librarian (tel. 01223-339393).

Box 11


  1. Photographs of stratospheric particles, with letters and papers.
  2. General facts about Saturn, its satellites and the Voyager mission 1981, typescript; Voyager I: the Jupiter encounter, typescript to accompany set of slides; catalogues of astronomical products.
  3. Astronomical photos, graphs and papers.
  4. Slides.


Box 12


  1. Letters, 1982-83.
  2. Typed, The Inferno.
  3. Unpublished 2 x MS (TV Idea) Mr Evil's Hour: 2 x Typed, Mr Evil's Hour.
  4. Unpublished MS and Typed, BH ideas: Minuet.
  5. Unpublished MS, Copies, Possible Lectures. For educational films: Why do we do astronomy?; The history of matter; The planets; The universe.
  6. Unpublished typed, October the First is To Late, Film Treatment: Typed, The Inferno, Film Treatment.
  7. Unpublished typed, A New TV Series: Typed, Seven Steps to the Sun, TV Series.
  8. Unpublished MS and typed Unused early Short Stories FH.
  9. Typed Play in French of Black Cloud, author unknown.


Box 13


All items closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family.

  1. MS An essay on the mathematics of evolution.
  3. Unpublished MS, The Rise of a Leader.
  4. Comet Halley, Scripts typed by FH.


Box 14


Items 2-6 closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family.

  1. 2 x Typed Copies of The Inferno.
  2. Typed with MS Corrections The Darwinian Priority a Case of Documentary Forgery, FH NA NCW.
  3. As Above.
  4. As Above.
  5. As Above Chapter 1-7.
  6. As Above Chapters 8 - Appendix


Box 15


  6. MS Proof that Life is Cosmic: MS The Frozen Planet of Azuron: MS Zuchario the Sugar Bandit.
  7. Letters re Isaac Newton telescope project 1960; Letters re headship of DAMTP 1964; 2 ALLS from J.S. Boys Smith, Vice-Chancellor, to FH re his proposed resignation as Plumian Professor of Astronomy, 3 and 9 Oct. 1964; ALS from W.J. Sartain, Secretary General of the Faculties, to FH, 9 Oct. 1964; Letters and papers re Institute of Theoretical Astronomy 1965-66.


Box 16


  1. MS From Virus to Cosmology, The Royal Society of Medicine Lloyd-Roberts Lecture, 11 May 1982; MS synopsis of Evolution from Space; Typescript Evolution from Space, OMNI Lecture 12 Jan. 1982; HW, Copy, BH Corrections for Omni Lecture. FH, Evolution from space. The Omni Lecture delivered at the Royal Institution, London on 12 January 1982. MS 1st draft NA used lecture Jan 12; MS Lecture (12 Jan).
  2. General Remarks on Particle Sizes, MS and photocopy; Typed and MS Interstellar Planetary Bacteria chapters 7,13 and14 'for 'Stardust'.
  3. Typed, The Information content of Enzymes and the Origin of Life, FH and Chandra Wickramasinghe; MS and typescript 'Caltech 16 May'; Typed, Is Life an Astronomical Phenomenon?
  4. MS Evolution from Space, Windermere Lecture Dec. 1983; MS Willy's Dinner, Pasadena Nov. 5 & 6 1981; MS and photocopy of Mermaid Lecture 25 Oct. 1981; MS Cambridge Lecture; MS An essay on genetics by FH and Chandra Wickramasinghe.
  5. MS A new cosmological model, FH and JV Narliker; MS On the nature of mass by FH and JVN; MS Cosmological models in a conformally invariant gravitational theory: I The Friedmann models by FH and JVN; MS Cosmological models in a conformally invariant gravitational theory: II A new model by FH and JVN; MS The future of cosmology; MS Science in modern and ancient times; MS General review of cosmological theories, MS Stonehenge talk; MS Radio sources.
  6. MS X-Ray Article Theory: MS X-Ray Astronomy: MS 16/07/78 A Matter of History '76-'78: MS The Shapes and Sizes of Bacteria: MS Letter to Head teachers, re: Influenza Survey: Typed MS A Fable on the Fallacy that Money is More Important than Energy: MS The Vogue of Science Fiction: MS Chap 3, The Common Cold and odd pages: MS Summary for 'Evolution from Space: MS Pages Techniques for Detection.


Box 17


  1. MS, What is a Spiral Galaxy: Typed, Caltech Lecture: MS, On the Causes of Plate Tectonics '81: Letter from Caltech about Willy Fowler's Retirement and MS Letter from FH to WAF: MS Abstract On the V/Vm Test for Recently Published List of Bright QSO's, '83: Typed Lecture Fremantle, Balliol Oxford, 28/04/83.
  2. MS After Dinner Speech Grange-Over-Sands, European Reactor Meeting.
  3. MS Chap 2, Economics and Energy: MS Stonehenge, As an Astronomical Observatory: MS On the Future of Physics and Astronomy: MS The Case for Nuclear Energy; MS Right, Left or Centre; MS Chapter 3, Energy: MS Chapter 4, Britain and the Future: MS Message to the Muhlmann's: MS Chap 1, Population and People: Brown envelope, Stonehenge Photo's: MS Science Fiction.
  4. BH MS Lists of FH Collection: MS Vacuum Loop and Vacuum Polarisation: MS On a Wave Function Picture for the Direct Particle Theory of Gravitation and Electromagnetism, FH and JVN: MS Is the Gravitational 'Constant' Variable: MS '72 Book with JVN.
  5. MS Odd Pages MS FH and JVN '71: MS A Direct Particle Theory of Weak Interactions FH and JVN: MS New Physics, FH NA JVN: MS The Direct Particle Theory in Quantum Electrodynamics '66.
  6. Typed, Wave Function and Conformal Theory, FH and JVN.
  7. MS, A Dissentient Opinion on Quantities Units and Symbols?
  8. MS Princeton Lectures Galaxies, Nuclei and Quasars.
  9. MS, Is the Universe at a High Kinetic Temperature?
  10. MS Steady-State Cosmology Revisited.


Box 18


  1. MS, Highly Condensed Objects: MS Pulsars as a Tool of Extragalactic Research: MS Geometry in the Neighbourhood of a Particle: MS (early) The Formation of Galaxies, Stars and Planets: MS Cosmic Rays from Rotating Superdense Objects: MS New Physics.
  2. MS, The Log-S-Log 2 Diagram for Radio Galaxies and its Relation to Cosmology, GR Burbidge and FH: MS The Quasi-Stella Objects, RI Discourse.
  3. MS Lectures and Workings.
  4. MS An Assessment of the Evidence Against the Steady-State Theory.
  5. MS Chess Moves.
  6. Letter MS, NF Bantor; Dasent; L Smit; Miss McCollum; Brian W Aldiss; Dr Woodgate; Pierre; Professor RJ Tayler; Quirk and more; Notes and Workings.
  7. Family Letter Liz and Girls. Closed.
  8. Notes on Films: By-Liner/ March '82 A Personal Approach to Nuclear Waste.
  9. MS Lectures: Workings: Letter from JVN: MS The Riddle of Redshifts, G. Burbidge: Paper, M Burbidge and Wal Sargent: Paper, Sabastian von Hoerner.
  10. MS The Relation of Science to the Humanities A Physicists View of Time.
  11. MS Papers: Letters: MS: Notes.
  12. MS Papers: Notes: Jottings.


Box 19


  1. MS Chap 1 The Earth.
  2. File, Letters 1972.
  3. Typescript Second annual C.C. Lauritsen Memorial Lecture October 18, 1971: Recent developments in cosmology by FH; MS lecture Science and society in modern times.
  4. MS The environment; MS Mathematics and science; MS and typescripts Why do we do astronomy?; MS talk Pulsars and Quasars;
  5. MS Self energy of the free electron.
  6. Letters 1972.
  7. Part of MS play; MS Electromagnetic waves from rapidly pulsating stars; MS On the origin of low-energy extrasolarsystem cosmic rays; Typescript Childrens' play Betelgeuse the Buckaneer; MS Stories; MS Slides & Summary lecture; MS speech; MS Colin Ronan.
  8. MS workings and notes; MS The path integral for the free particle propagator; MS Elementary particles in terms of path integrals I Leptons by FH and JVN; MS Non-relativistic approximations; MS Spinors, Klein-Gordan equation, Infinitesimal neutrino propagator, Continuous groups.
  9. Letters 1972.
  10. MS and typescript Recent developments in cosmology II; Typescript Presidential address Royal Astronomical Society The history of the Earth.
  11. Typed, Science Writing in Britain; MS letters 'Dear Mr Tilley; MS script; Part of MS story.
  12. Second Version Corrected for typing into final MS of Into Deepest Space.
  13. Copy of Nature 16/12/39 p.1019 The Evolution of the Stars FH and Ray Lyttleton: Letter: Photos: Reprint, The Universe Past and Present Reflections: Reprint, Two Decades of Collaboration with Willy Fowler: Reprint, On the Surface Boundary Condition for Stars, J Faulkner, K Griffiths and FH: Paper, On the Synthesis of Elements at Very High Temperatures, Robert V Wagoner, William A Fowler and FH: Preprint, Cosmic Dust and Exobiology, FH and NCW.


Box 20


  1. Newpaper cuttings: Royal Society posts, The Times 7 Jan. 1971; Sir Fred ... intellect and a touch of genius, Cambridge Evening News 1 Jan. 1972; New Year honours, The Times 1 Jan. 1972; Obtaining the best value from scientific research, letter from FH, The Times 4 Jan. 1972; Earth is going out into the cold, suggests Hoyle, Cambridge Evening News 13 Jan. 1972; Hoyle quits in row over 'bureaucracy', The Sunday Times 23 April 1972; Astronomers back protest by Sir Fred Hoyle, The Times 24 April 1972; Hoyle and water, The Guardian 24 April 1972; Professor Fred Hoyle resigns over policy issue, Cambridge Evening News 24 April 1972; Astronomy in Cambridge, The Times 26 April 1972; Fellowship for man at centre of Hoyle row, Cambridge Evening News 26 April 1972; Sir Fred Hoyle rift brings astronomy inquiry closer, The Times 9 May 1972; Fred Hoyle and the star-crossed academics, The Sunday Times 14 May 1972; Hoyle loses his window on the world, Cambridge Evening News 8 Sept. 1972.
  2. Booklet, Glasson dock through the ages; Shooting times and country magazine, August 2-8 1984; Shooting for clay shooting and shotguns, August 1984; Target gun, No. 33 August 1982; Physics Today Feb. 1989, special issue: Richard Feynman.
  3. Book: Revolutionary Direction in Intellectual and Production: Their Consequences for the Higher Learning FH p.54 '75.
  4. Magazine: Bulletin Vol 20 '84 Letter. MS Reminiscences from the Impressionable Years; 5 x Magazine Bulletin Volume 25 '89: Article Published on Herman Bondi.
  5. Time Magazine 21/11/83 p.49 FH.
  6. Cambridge Review Vol. 105 Feb. 1984, FH p.65; Cambridge Review Vol. 107 March 1986, FH p.36.  MS: Fraud, deception, and illusion in science.
  7. Letters and FH (copy) MS London Illustrated News and The Big Bank City Ball c.1986.
  8. 2 x Bilderwissenschaft Magazine '90 p.56.
  9. 4 x Bilderwissenschaft article FH and C. Wickramasinghe interview with FH. Letter from Scienza.
  10. New Scientist 19/01/84 p.39.
  11. Focus Rochester Museum and Science Center 1987 p.18.
  12. 2 x Engineering and Science Caltech Nov. 1981 p.8.
  13. New Scientist 28/8/86 p.50.
  14. Famiglia Christiana 12/02/84 p54; MS The Case for Nuclear Energy; 'Now' Magazine Jan. 1980; Rough paragraph supporting 'Mermaid Theatre' appeal.
  15. MS FH after dinner speech to Radcliffe Trust.
  16. MS Chapters 9,10,11,12. Chapter 9: The Pioneers of Astronomy.
  17. MS JVN Chapter VIII.