Papers of Sir Fred Hoyle (1915-2001), astronomer

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N.B. To request access to material marked Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family please contact the Special Collections Librarian (tel. 01223-339393).

Box 111. Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family.


  1. Correspondence on trip to India FH HW. Other Correspondence.
  2. Children's Stories HW The Sun; The Moon; The Earth. Typed The Sun; The Moon.
  3. Correspondence. Papers.
  4. HW, A Dream, Workings, Start of MS.


Box 112. Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family.


  3. MS/Typed, Journey to the Land of Youth. (New Version of Ossian's Ride). MS, Journey to the Land of Youth (New Ossian's Ride).
  4. HW and Printed Matter, Unpublished, Windermere.
  5. HW Notes on Mountains in Lakeland. HW Notes Last Monros 1980. HW Lists of Mountains: Letter.
  6. Typed and HW MS with Illustrations, Unpublished, South Lakes, Top Copy. Langdale Valleys - Grasmere and Ambleside, Windermere, FH and GH.
  7. MS, Unpublished, Grasmere and Ambleside: Windermere. FH and GH.


Box 113. Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family.


  1. MS, Unpublished, The Last Weeks in the Life of Ingolf Johannsson. FH and GH.
  2. Pad HW Notes. Pad HW, MS, The House of the Creaking Stairs. HW Pages from MS. Two Pads containing HW MS Book of Stories.
  3. Part MS, October the First is Too Late.
  5. HW MS, Unpublished, Southern Cross, FH and GH.
  6. Typed MS, Unpublished, Southern Cross, FH and GH.


Box 114. Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family.


  1. The case of the murdered stockbroker. Typescript and MS.
  2. Archaeopteryx and the origin of birds. Photocopy of MS.
  3. Zuchario the sugar bandit. Photocopy of MS.
  6. Typed MS, Unpublished, FH HW Corrections, Murdered Stockbroker, FH and GH.


Box 115


  1. Invoice from R.E. Wilkinson ARIBA to FH, 21 Aug. 1956, for work in connection with house in Clarkson Road, Cambridge; MS 'BH things to be done', 1972, 2p; MS 'Things to do', 1974, 1p.
  2. Part of MS (Chapter 13 Macro; Chapter 14 In which Lena displays her skill; Chapter 15 The laser beams; Chapter 16 The outer people; Chapter 17 The long space voyage; Chapter 18 Anaxagoras; Chapter 19 The incandescent temple). Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family.
  3. Cosmic evolution and the solar connection. MS.
  4. MS review of 'Pathways to the universe' by Francis Graham-Smith and Bernard Lovell (Cambridge, 1988), dated 3 Jan. 1989, 3p; MS review of 'Quasars, redshifts and controversies' by Halton Arp (Berkeley, 1987), dated 3 Jan. 1989, 5p; MS On the recovery of oil reserves by FH and E.J. Butler, with addition dated Feb. 1988, 11p.
  5. MS of talk given by FH at European Forum, Davos, Jan. 1983. 13p.
  6. Page of MS notes by FH; MS note indicating who had the idea and who developed them in some Hoyle and Lyttleton papers.
  7. Letters to FH from members of the public etc. 1982, 1984-90, 1995, 1996, and some undated.


Box 116


  1. Semaine d'etude sur le theme les noyaux des galaxies leur signification dans l'évolution des galaxies, en radio-astronomie et en cosmologie d'observation. 13-19 Avril 1970. Programme.
  3. FH and GH, A personal approach to nuclear waste. By-liner, March 1982.
  4. FH and Chandra Wickramasinghe, Does epidemic disease come from space? New Scientist 76 (1078), 17 Nov. 1977, 402-4.
  5. FH, El universo de Dios. Ciencia y desarrollo 19, Marzo-Abril 1978, 33-42.
  6. FH and Chandra Wickramasinghe, Influenza from space. New Scientist 79 (1122), 28 Sep. 1978, 946-8.
  7. FH, The universe: past and present refelections. Engineering and Science 45 (2), Nov. 1981, 8-12.
  8. Mercury, the journal of the astronomical society of the Pacific 15 (4), July-August 1986.
  9. Fälschung oder original. Streit um den Archaeopteryx. Bild der wissenschaft 5 (1988), 50-83.
  10. Mercury, the journal of the astronomical society of the Pacific 18 (5), September/October 1989. Photo of FH p. 32.
  11. New Scientist 125 (1699), 13 Jan. 1990. Photo of FH p. 53.
  12. FH, Origine ed evoluzione della vita. L'Umana avventura, Autunno 1990, 73-9.
  13. Honour for man who tackles big problems. New Scientist 135 (1831), 25 July 1992, 7. Re unveiling of FH's statue. With letters to FH dated 1992.
  14. IAC noticias 1 (1993). Photo of FH p. 23.
  15. Science and Public Affairs, Autumn 1993.
  16. Fred Hoyle l'irréductible. Ciel Espace 284, Octobre 1993, 30-43.
  17. Science and Public Affairs, Winter 1993.
  18. Fred Hoyle at IUCAA. Khagol, a bulletin of the inter-university centre for astronomy and astrophysics, 18, April 1994, 1.
  19. New Scientist, 142 (1929), 11 June 1994. Photo of FH p. 4. With letter to FH from Peter Laslett, 20 June 1994, 1p.
  20. Sky and telescope, March 1994. Photo of FH p. 22. With letter to FH re Sky & telescope's Big Bang Challenge, 25 Jan. 1994, 1p.
  21. Nature 371 (6492), 1 Sep. 1994.
  22. The space molecule man. New Scientist 143 (1942), 10 Sep. 1994, 24-7.
  23. Life. The Observer magazine. 18 Sep. 1994.
  24. A starring role in the universe [review of Home is where the wind blows]; FH, Surely you're serious, Mr Feynman. New Scientist 143 (1944), 24 Sep. 1994, 36-8.
  25. Donald D. Clayton, The Leonard Medal Address. Meteoritics and the origins of atomic nuclei. Meteoritics 27 (1992), 5-17.
  26. First B.M. Birla Memorial Lecture. Sir Fred Hoyle, F.R.S. Fifty years in cosmology. 1987. 9p.
  27. Advertisement for Home is where the wind blows from University Science Books.
  28. Various newspaper/magazine cuttings/photocopies.


Box 117


  1. Various newspaper cuttings/photocopies.
  2. Cassette tape. BBC radio natural history unit. Labelled 'Nat. Hist. Prog. Wk 4. Prod. Julian Hector'.
  3. Video tape. Labelled 'Hoyle 22.7.93 ESO. Narlikar 22.7.93 MPA'.
  4. Video tape. Labelled 'It came from outer space. Discovery Ch. 1999 (52 min)'.


Box 118


  1. Birth certificate of Fred Hoyle.
  2. Birth certificate of Barbara Clark, with certificate of registry of birth. Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family.
  3. Marriage certificate of Fred and Barbara Hoyle, 28 Dec. 1939.
  4. Scunthorpe Grammar School reports for Barbara Clark, July and Dec. 1937. Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family.
  5. Boys' Grammar School Bingley. Book of terminal reports. FH's reports, July 1927 - July 1933.
  6. Medals etc.
    Royal Academy of Music. Mabel Pickard (FH's mother). Singing 1904.
    Name tag. Pontificia Academia Scientiarum. 20-V-1957. Semaine d'Etude sur: Le probleme des populations stellaires. Città del Vaticano. F. Hoyle.
    Université de Liege. A Monsieur F. Hoyle Juillet 1959.
    David Rittenhouse. 1st Director U.S. Mint 1792-1795. Professor Fred Hoyle January 6, 1960 Astronomer of creation.
    Royal Astronomical Society Gold Medal. Fred Hoyle 1968.
    International Centre for Theoretical Physics. Trieste 1968.
    Boston University centennial coin 1969.
    Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Catherine Wolfe Bruce Medal for distinguished services to astronomy, 1970.
    The Ohio State University 1870 centennial 1970.
    Name tag. Pontificia Academia Scientiarum. 13-19 Avril 1970. Semaine d'Etude sur: Les noyaux des galaxies. Città del Vaticano. F. Hoyle. Another copy with Dr. F. Hoyle.
    Mikolaj Kopernik 1473 1973.
    Royal Society Royal Medal. Sir Fred Hoyle, F.R.S. 1974.
    Orderu Zaslugi Polskiej Rzeczypospolitej Ludowej. 1975.
    Reginald Mitchell Memorial Lecture. Stoke-on-Trent Association of Engineers. Sir Fred Hoyle FRS MA Cantab 1985.
    Dag Hammarskjöld Gold Medal. Académie Diplomatique de la Paix. Au merite Sir Fred Hoyle 1986.
    Association pour le developpement international de l'observatoire de Nice. Fred Hoyle 1986.
    Karl Schwarzschild Medal, German Astronomical Society. Sir Fred Hoyle Jena 1992.
    Anna Greta Och Holger Crafoords Belöning. Kungliga Vetenskapsakademien. Sir Fred Hoyle 1997.
    Universitas Helsingiensis. Undated.
    National Trust. Barbara Hoyle. Undated.
    National Trust. Fred Hoyle. Undated.


Boxes 119-123


Photographs of FH, family, friends and colleagues, c. 1910-2002.


Box 124


Photographs, slides, postcards, FH wallets, FH driving licence, passports, address book.
C. Godfrey and A.W. Siddons, 'Four-figure tables' (Cambridge, 1954).
FH MS headed 'House of Lords 5 May 1982'. 1p.
FH MS headed 'Filing cabinet catalogue'. 17p.
Folder labelled 'Travel and work expenses from 1963' with MS and typescript contents.
TLS from 10 Downing Street to W.A. Fowler, 30/6/75. 1p.
Miscellaneous printed and typescript items.
Various FH obituaries, with letter from The Daily Telegraph re their obituary.


Box 125


Letters and cards to BH.


Box 126


Various materials relating to Fred Hoyle. Donated by Mrs Joan Hoyle (FH's sister), Nov. 2007.


Boxes 127-140. Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family.


Manuscript and typescript versions of various unpublished stories by Fred Hoyle.


Box 141. Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family.


  1. The Case of the Murdered Stockbroker Typed MS.
  2. The Tale of Two Budgets HW MS.
  3. History of the Royal Astronomical Society - Review HW MS.
  4. Untitled Typed MS on sociological topics April 1970.
  5. The Vogue of Science Fiction Typed MS c.1984.
  6. Article about Hobby Horses HW.
  7. Confrontation Between Nuclear Physics and Biology Copy of HW MS - an essay written on the occasion of the sixtieth birthday of Yuval Ne'eman c.1984.
  9. BBC transcript Scientifically Speaking 30 July 1975.
  10. Jottings of One Kid or Another May 1972 HW.
  11. Underground Man Go Home by Charles Newton 28 Feb 1975.
  12. Typed MS Corrections part of book with Lucinda Fitzherbert.


Box 142. Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family.


  1. Typed MS 7 Children’s Stories unpublished: The Story of the Rabbit and the Bear; The Story of Mopurgo the Mammoth; The Story of Seals in the Moonlight; The Story of the Wise Unicorn; The Story of the Moon Princess; The Story of the Rescue of the Wise Unicorn; The Story of the Coronation of the Moon Princess.
  2. Typed MS Story of the Rabbit and the Bear.

These stories were written by FH for his grandchildren, Samantha and Jacqueline Butler. One story was written to await them when they arrived at Cockley Moor for their holiday.


Box 143


  1. Letters and papers 1960-3; The relation of radio astronomy to cosmology by FH, typescript; Cosmic rays and radio waves as manifestations of a hot universe by FH and T. Gold, MS and typescript; An example of a message that might be received from another civilization in space, typescript.
  2. Letters re Department of Scientific and Industrial Research 1964-66.
  3. Letters and papers re Professorship of Mathematical Physics, Cambridge, 1967-68.
  4. Letters and papers re a Mediterranean observatory and a proposed station on the Sierra Nevada 1967-68.
  5. Letters and documents on Hawaii Telescope 1969.
  6. Letters re International Astronomical Union symposium 1972.
  7. Letters from John Bolton 1972.
  8. Letters 1972-75; Letters USA 1975.
  9. Letters to and from FH and BH USA 1977-78.
  10. Letters 1963-74.
  11. Letters and papers re Anglo-Australian Telescope Project 1974.
  12. Letters, cards, press cuttings, MS notes c.1970s. AAT.
  13. Letters mid 1970's FH, BH and Caltech.
  14. Letters re award to FH of the Catherine Wolfe Bruce Medal for 1970 by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.


Box 144


  1. Original book jackets.
  2. Press clippings; Photos; Adverts for lectures; Magazine (Caltech 1971); Science 1972; Sky and Telescope 1975; Caltech News 1973; The Californian Tech, FH and Leo Smit; FH St John's Lecture 1962/63 A Contradiction in the Arguments of Malthus; Newsweek 1964.
  3. Photocopies from Science (15/9/67), Nature (20/1/68; 19/10/68; 8/9/72; 15/9/72), and of press cuttings 1972.
  4. Photocopies of press cuttings 1975; Letter about Hewish, Bell and FH controversy. Press cuttings Bell controversy and Letters. Press cutting on Ryle.
  5. Bills and telegraphs USA 1960s-70s.


Box 145


  1. MS Autobiography Chapters 7-9.
  2. Typed with MS Corrections, Autobiography Chapters 1-7.
  3. MS Autobiography Chapters 11, 12.
  4. Typed with MS Corrections, Autobiography, Chapters 8, 9 and 11.
  5. Typed with MS Corrections, Autobiography Chapters 2, 12-16.
  6. HW, MS, Second Half of Autobiography.
  7. HW, MS, Home is Where the Wind Blows.
  8. HW, Part MS, Autobiography Part II.
  9. HW, Part MS, Autobiography The Larger World of FH, Part I.


Box 146. Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family.


  1. Letters and Faxes, HW FH and Various Authors: Letter, New Scientist: Letters: Autobiography Letters. Copies of Photos (Autobiography).
  2. HW MS, Unpublished, First Draft of Autobiography with comments from Allan Hill, Heinemans and Anthony Rubinstein, family lawyer.
  3. HW MS, Unpublished, First Draft of Autobiography.
  4. Part of autobiography. Photocopy of MS. With letter from Barbara to Geoff Hoyle, undated, 1p.
  5. Early Days: autobiographical extracts.
  6. Misc. biographical extracts.
  7. The Germination of an Idea.
  8. HW and Typed MS, Possibly Unpublished. Chapter 9 The Administrative Years; Chapter 5 The Wartime Years; Chapter 6 The Make or Break Years; Chapter 10 My Final Days in Cambridge; Chapter 11 On Climbing the Last Munro. Chapter 15 The Puzzle of My Last Days at Cambridge; Chapter 6 Element-Building in Stars; Chapter 6 The Steady-State Universe. HW BH; Some of Chapter 13,8,11,7; Chapter 8 The Institute of Theoretical Astronomy. All from Autobiography possibly the first draft.


Box 147


  1. MS D-K Dorling Kindersley book chapters 5, 10, 11, 12.
  2. HW, MS Various Chapters - 10 The Intelligent Universe.
  3. PAD, HW, MS, Man's Place in the Galaxy.
  4. Typed MS Man's Place on the Earth.


Box 148


  3. Letter to Elizabeth Pascall (Descendent of John Preston. FH descendent of Ben Preston John's brother). Article on the death of Ben Preston.
  4. CV 1978 with HW corrections: Travel Itineraries.
  5. File containing material on FH, Ben Preston. Booklet, Transactions of the Yorkshire Dialect Society (Ben Preston, FH's mother and father were cousins).
  8. Ben Preston's family luncheon party 25/10/81, including MS address to Ben Preston family party: Piece concerning Ben Preston: HW, Notes on Ben Preston.


Box 149


  1. MS and typescript, Wartime Years: Picture FH Wartime with King George.
  2. Letter and Printed Matter from John Coales, FH Notes: Letter from John Coales on FH War Period: Typescript Naval Radar: MS Wartime Years: Naval Radar Reunion '86: MS and part of typescript: Various Naval Radar. Typed Development of Naval Radar 6th Progress report '87: MS, Naval Radar.
  3. Letter 28 June 1978 FH to RV Jones.
  4. Printed Article from Admiralty Research Establishment.


Box 150


  1. Opera, The Alchemy of Love with HW Corrections. Mindrack The Alchemy of Love Opera Libretto: Letter from Leo Smit: MS and Typed.
  2. Mindrack 3 x Typed The Alchemy of Love, A Comic Opera with Libretto by FH and Music by Leo Smit. Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family.
  3. MS music for Mindrack opera. Sheet of Music from Opera. Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family.
  4. Musical Score: Narration and Requiem on Copernicus.
  5. Typed and HW FH and Leo Smit, Opera: Sheet of Music Leo Smit's Birthday Greetings to FH 24 June 1965: Fantasy, The Farewell by Leo Smit, Music Dedicated to FH, BH, GH, EJH 20 April 1957.
  6. The alchemy of love or the daemon servant's retribution; a comic opera in three acts; libretto by Fred Hoyle, music by Leo Smit, typescript.


Box 151


Research materials relating to FH donated by Simon Mitton


Box 152


BH family photographs


Boxes 153 - 159. Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family.


Family letters, BH diaries and workbooks.


Unboxed material


Film reels

  1. Tracks 1 & 2. Centre chanel (sic).
  2. Stonehenge by Fred Hoyle. Action picture roll 1. Magnetic sound roll 1. 1967.
  3. Stonehenge by Fred Hoyle. Action picture roll 2.
  4. Stonehenge by Fred Hoyle. Magnetic sound roll 2. 1967.
  5. Stonehenge. 16mm colour negative. Rolls 1-3. 12 June 1967.
  6. Stonehenge. 35mm negative & 16mm negative.
  7. Stonehenge. 16mm colour print. Rolls 1 & 3. 12 June 1967.
  8. Sunrise at Stonehenge. 16mm. 20 June 1968.
  9. Margaret Burbidge. 16mm colour negative. Rolls 6, 7 & 8. 14 Aug. 1967.
  10. Galaxies by Margaret Burbidge. Action and sound. 1967.
  11. W.A. Fowler. 16mm colour negative. Rolls 4 & 5. 3 July 1967.
  12. W.A. Fowler. History of matter or Origin of elements. Sound and action. 1967.
  13. "Titles", 1 roll 16mm colour negative.


  1. Certificate of election of FH as Andrew D. White Professor-at-Large, Cornell University. [1972].
  2. Certificate for Balzan Prize, 1994.
  3. Certificate for Annenberg Prize, American Astronomical Society, 1996.
  4. Certificate for Crafoord Prize, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, 1997.

Music. Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family.

  1. The Alchemy of Love or the Daemon Servant's Retribution. A comic opera in three acts. Libretto by Fred Hoyle. Music by Leo Smit. Typescript. 43p.
  2. The Alchemy of Love or the Daemon Servant's Retribution. A comic opera in three acts. Libretto by Fred Hoyle. Music by Leo Smit. 1960. Photocopy of MS. 307p.
  3. The Laughing Kookaburras. A space fable in 3 acts. Libretto by Fred Hoyle. Music by Leo Smit. Photocopy of MS.
  4. The Mindrack Transformed. A comic opera in three acts. Libretto by Fred Hoyle. Music by Leo Smit. Photocopy of MS. 307p.
  5. Songs and refrains. Mineto ven Admirony; Es Tortific Dogma texture; Lova, Ah Lova; A message for you. Lyrics by Fred Hoyle. Music by Leo Smit. August 1961. MS.

Cinquantenaire du Premier Conseil de Physique Solvay. 1911 1961. Bruxelles Institut International de Physique Solvay. Booklet with photographs of attendees at Solvay conferences 1911-58.