N.34 Ketubah. Venice, 1612.

Vellum. Roll 730 x 460mm.

2 columns, the first with 55 lines of cursive Hebrew and 7 of Italian, the second with 35 lines of square Hebrew, signatures, and then 4 lines of Italian. A single line of square Hebrew runs around the edge. Decorated in gold, red, green and blue.

An accompanying description by Israel Abrahams (1858-1925) reads 'Friday, Ab 12, 5372 [1612]. Venice. Marriage certificate (Kethubah) of Mordecai son of Isaac Gerson and Leah daughter of Joseph Cividal. Total settlement (over and above the conventional 200 zuz) 600 Venetian ducats (exclusive of personal ornaments & garments). Statement in second column of method of payment of the dowry.'

Presented by Miss L. Bickerstaffe, 1920.