Mamusse wunneetupanatamwe Up-Biblum God naneeswe Nukkone Testament kah wonk Wusku Testament (Cambridge, Mass., 1685).

Printing reached the English colonies in New England in 1638, when a press was set up in Cambridge, Massachusetts, by Joseph Glover. In 1685 Samuel Green, who printed this volume, was apparently the only printer operating in Cambridge, although presses had been established in Boston and Philadelphia. The text is a translation into a local Algonquian language of the Bible. Originally published in 1663, it was translated by John Eliot, who studied at Jesus College, Cambridge, and became known as the "Indian Apostle" for his work preaching to the native Americans in their own language. By the time this second edition appeared he had already translated several other works of popular piety into the same language, of which the Library holds three. He had also attempted to mitigate the worst consequences for the native populace of "King Philip's War", when, provoked by the expansion of the English settlement, a native leader, King Philip or Metacom, organized a federation of tribes to resist such encroachment.