Larmor Awards 2013

Each year at St John’s students who excel both academically and in other aspects during their time in Cambridge can be nominated for the Larmor Award, which is presented on the morning of General Admission, or 'Degree Day'. Nominees are recommended by a Committee made up of both Senior and Junior College members. The Committee’s recommendations are based on 'intellectual qualifications estimated on a wide basis, of moral conduct and of practical activities', and each year they face a very difficult task when selecting Award winners from an invariably excellent field.

Those that win a Larmor Award are presented with an engraved prize as well as a financial reward.

Wilfried Genest

As well as excelling academically Wilfried successfully revived the University French Society showing strong levels of ‘commitment and efficiency’; Robert Tombs, in his position as Senior Treasurer, has said that since the revival of the Society it has been ‘very successful and the momentum has been kept up since Wilfried passed on the baton’.

Wilfried also rowed for the College and had Committee positions for LMBC.

Jennifer Green

Jennifer has obtained a very high First in each of her years at Cambridge. In 2012 she was ranked 2nd in her year and for her achievements has been awarded a Scholarship in every year.

As well as shining academically Jennifer has played netball for the College and in her third year was team captain. She has also been a member of the college orchestra.

Zhuo Min Lim

As well as obtaining consecutive First Class marks in all of his first three years in 2012 Harold was ranked 14th out of 220 Maths candidates.

As the Chapel treasurer he has demonstrated responsibility and commitment and has been described as a ‘very polite, kind and humble person’.

Alexander MacKeith

In his second and third years Alex was ranked as the top First Class student in Classics in the University.

Talented, as well as academically bright, Alex has a high profile in University theatre and he writes, directs and acts. He is also on the Footlights Committee and has been a part of many high profile productions.

Rebecca Shercliffe

For her first, second and third years Becky achieved the top First in AsNaC in the University.

She has also participated very actively in the theatre, for example she was Assistant Director of the University Gilbert and Sullivan as well as other productions and has sung in the Cambridge University Musical Society. In addition Becky has helped in the Admissions office and the Chapel and played numerous sports for the College.

Anna Stansbury

In Part I Anna came top of the Economics Tripos in the University and in Part IIA she came third overall. She was also jointly awarded the Adam Smith Prize for ranking 1st in the tripos for Part IIB.

She was elected as Speakers Officer in the Union Society this year and has also served as policy Director and Director of External Affairs at the University’s Wilberforce Society.

As ladies team captain of target shooting Anna lead her team to victory at the Varsity match. She has also captained the College’s University Challenge team.

Laura Plant

Laura, who was unable to attend the awards ceremony last year, is pictured above as she accepted her Larmor Award this year. She has been described as a ‘human whirlwind’ and ‘the original prime mover’ based on her academic and non-academic achievements. She has played both hockey and lacrosse for the University and is in the England ladies lacrosse team. She has been President of the College Flamingos and competes in modern pentathlon to a national standard.