Key information for students supporting those in self-isolation/quarantine

Porters Lodge tel: 01223 338671    Lead Clinical Nurse tel: 01223 338664     NHS tel: 111 (24hrs a day)

  • Each returning student must nominate two volunteer Self-Isolation Supporters, from a different household than their College accommodation. These names are to be emailed to Student Services:
  • Newly arriving students only - new students will be assigned two self-isolation supporters until such times they can nominate their own and will also be able to access meals and some provisions directly through the catering department:

Student guide on ordering food and provisions whilst in self-isolation

Further support for freshers who need to self-isolate/quarantine can be accessed through Tutors (pastoral), College Nurses (medical) and College Porters (site enquiries)

Students with existing physical medical conditions or who are feeling unwell themselves should not be asked to volunteer to become Self-Isolation Supporters.

The role of Self-Isolation Supporter is: 

  • To follow guidance of basic infection control practices (hand washing/hand sanitiser document accessed via the College webpage) and the local Covid secure measures when delivering items to the isolated student-ensuring that items are left outside the door, not entering the room, maintaining social distancing, handwashing, wearing a facemask. 
  • Supporters should make a minimum of two voice contacts each day with the student by phone or social media; Facetime/Skype/Whatsapp and/or through the closed door. They need to be satisfied that the student is well enough to look after themselves and is coping with the isolation. The delivery of meals and provisions at regular times of every day can count as contact times.
  • Supporters are not in a position of medical responsibility. Where there are any concerns they should refer these immediately to the College’s Health & Wellbeing Centre, Porters’ Lodge, or telephone NHS 111. 
  • Where supporters are not able to carry out their responsibilities e.g. because of illness they should ensure that cover is in place or inform the catering department and porters lodge.
  • If a supporter is advised by the student they are supporting that this assistance is no longer required then the supporter must inform the Porters.
  • Advice will have been provided to the isolating student regarding waste disposal and leaving their room to exercise or in an emergency. If the supporter has any concerns that isolating/quarantine rules are being breached they have a duty to report this immediately to the Forecourt Porters Lodge and if a health risk, to the Lead Clinical Nurse.
  • Supporters are advised to avoid purchasing items for the student they are supporting with their own money, as this could lead to conflict. Items purchased through the catering department can be paid for using Upay.
  • If you are sharing a house, or looking after someone who is unwell with Covid-19 symptoms please watch this video.