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The Johnian Entrepreneurs Club

The Johnian Entrepreneurs Club (JEC) aims to build a community that encourages and develops the entrepreneurial spirit of Johnian students. JEC will host talks, workshops and a business plan competition with mentoring from entrepreneurial alumni.
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Upcoming events

24 February 2017
“How to start a spin-out” workshop. Register here.

Business Plan Competition: Elevator Pitch
-March 2017: 2 page proposal
-April 2017: Pitch finale

Past events 

1 December 2016
Launch event held. 

27 January 2017
Elevator Pitches (~100 words) submitted.

Nawar Al-Zebari: na390
Amrita Mukherjee - Secretary am2276
Sam Fitzsimmons - Treasurer: sjf76
Thomas Kopsch: tk434
Kirsten Van Fossen - Event Officer: kev22
Rebecca Richmond-Smith - Event Officer: rcr44
Liisa Van Vliet - Mentor and Alumni Liaison: ldv20
William Drake: wkd21