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Humanities Society

The Society

The St John’s College Humanities Society was set up in the 2012-2013 academic year to serve, in particular, the members of the smaller subject groups that do not presently have an academic society for their subject in College. These subjects are Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, Architecture, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Classics, Education, English, History of Art, Linguistics, Management and Philosophy.

The Humanities Society will organise academic, career and social events for its members over the course of the year. Examples include speaker events each term, desserts in Lent term and an annual black tie dinner in Easter term.

It is hoped that the society will encourage communication between members of the same subject in different year groups and will also serve as a platform for communication between students and alumni.

The Committee

Committee 2015-16

President: Laura Day (lead3)
Secretary: Charlotte Britton (cb787)
Junior Treasurer: Hannah Mills (hm496)
Senior Treasurer: Dr Matthias Dorrzapf


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