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Dr Stefan Hanss

Stefan Hanss
College Research Associate
SpecialisationEarly Modern European Object History
Research interestsDr Stefan Hanß is a Research Associate in Early Modern European Object History at the University of Cambridge, Faculty of History. As a member of the Basel-Bern-Cambridge research group on early modern materialized identities, which is funded by the Swiss National Foundation and the Arts and Humanities Research Council, he is conducting research on early modern featherwork. He focuses on Reformation Germany with a particular interest in studying the history of the body in relation to material culture. His current research is therefore also devoted to the history of hair in Reformation Germany by examining the extent to which people’s everyday performances of hair mirrored fundamental religious and social changes at that time. He published on self-narratives and concepts of time as well as practices of timing in early modern Germany. His research furthermore centres on Christian-Muslim cultural encounters in the Mediterranean. The PhD thesis examined the sixteenth-century global event-making of the Battle of Lepanto and thereby decentered the history of Lepanto, which is commonly defined as a victory of ‘Christian Europe’, by revoicing stories silenced throughout history. In this context, he also published on Veneto-Ottoman diplomacy, Mediterranean slavery and its implications for the historiography of slavery as well as on the emergence of Ottoman language studies in Central Europe around 1600.