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Emma Corrin - Education

To be an Education student is to have access to a smorgasbord of knowledge. We study 7 subjects, sometimes more, sometimes less. We are exposed to a rich selection of studies ranging from arts through to social sciences which makes our learning experience at Cambridge a unique and wonderful one. I find myself constantly engaged, and where we sometimes might have a rush of essays in a few weeks I never become bored or resentful of study because each essay is so different. And yet the incredible thing is that somehow we manage to find links between all the subjects! So when we are studying shakespeare we can relate it to how we should teach literature in different cultures, when we are studying performance we can relate it to psychology and child development.   

St John’s for me offers the perfect mixture of independence and community. I feel 100% supported and cared for, knowing that there are a team of staff, tutors and fellows eager to help but simultaneously the size of the college and the amount of students makes the experience perfectly balanced with a dash of independence too. I was also attracted by the location which is convenient, being so in the centre. I am very involved in theatre, a pursuit which the collage is also so eager to support, and the location of John’s and the funding available to help is amazing.   

Emma Corrin - March 2017