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The Company

Ellexus is the I/O profiling company. We make tools for high performance computing and cloud optimisation. We work with customers around the world in the semiconductor industry, in bioinformatics, cancer research and many other sectors, helping them to make their work flows more efficient. Our tools provide engineers with unique insights into how their big data storage clusters are working, allowing them to multiply productivity and save millions on wasted engineering time. 

The Opportunity


We are looking for an intern to spend a few months with us over the summer, to help create, shape and test our existing and upcoming products. The successful candidate will form part of a team responsible for designing, implementing, testing and shaping the future of our new products. He or she will work on the element of IT or software development that most interests them, and will receive one-on-one support from our team of experts in Linux and program interaction. This is a unique opportunity to work on software that impacts the entire big data industry.



The ideal candidate will be studying for a technical degree in a relevant area, or from a related subject with an interest in technology. Experience in one or more of the following areas would be ideal: C and/or Java programming; General Linux skills; Commercial software development; software building, deployment. As we are a start-up company, we'd be particularly interested to hear from candidates who are interested in being an entrepreneur or running a business, as there would be opportunity to gain experience in other areas of the business. 


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