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Dr Akshay Rao awarded Henry Moseley Medal and Prize

College Research Associate Dr Akshay Rao has been awarded the Henry Moseley Medal and Prize for exceptional early career contributions to experimental physics.

Dr Akshay Rao, a Research Associate at St John’s, has been awarded the Henry Moseley Medal and Prize for “groundbreaking studies into the electronic properties of organic semiconductors, particularly the roles of electron spin in the operation of solar cells.”

As well as a member of St John’s, Dr Rao is an EPSRC Early Career Fellow and a Winton Advanced Research Fellow within the University’s Cavendish Laboratory. His research focuses on the electronic and optical properties of nano-scale, molecular semiconductors, tiny semiconductor particles known as “quantum dots”, and other nanoscale structures. His group is currently focused on areas such as solar energy harvesting from different types of artificial devices, as well as the broader study of their interactions with light (

The medal and prize, which recognises exceptional early-career contributions to experimental physics, is named after the English physicist Henry Moseley. Moseley’s principal contribution to the field of physics was the development of “Moseley’s Law” which sorted the chemical elements of the periodic table into a logical order based on their atomic number. Moseley was killed in the Battle of Gallipoli in 1915, aged 27.