The Craik Scholarship

The Scholarship

In March the College proposes to elect a postgraduate student studying Physiological Psychology to the Craik Scholarship, tenable from the following October.

The Craik Scholarship is administered as part of our Research Scholarships Scheme (also known as the Benefactors' Scholarships Competition).


  • Members of the College:
    • engaged in study which will count towards the requirements of the PhD degree in Physiological Psychology;
    • currently reading for an MPhil and applying to continue for the PhD degree in Physiological Psychology.
  • Applicants to the College for admission:
    • as Postgraduate Students intending to register as candidates for the PhD degree in Physiological Psychology;
    • as Postgraduate Students for an MPhil degree involving Physiological Psychology. 

Value, tenure and application details


For 2023-24, the maximum annual value of the above Scholarship will consist of: a maintenance grant at the rate of £16,050 per annum (expected to be reviewed annually) and the following additional payments; (a) approved University Composition fee; (b) a contribution towards expenses of travel and reasonable removal expenses from the Scholar's home and (c) an annual contribution towards the cost of a return journey home. Financial assistance may also be given towards the cost of field-work, attendance at conferences, and other essential academic expenses. 


For the normal minimum duration of the course subject to satisfactory academic progress, ie: three years for the PhD and one year for the MPhil. For those embarking on an MPhil with the intention of continuing for the PhD, the Scholarship will initially last for one year but Scholars may apply to be considered for a renewal of funding for a further three years if the distinguished performance standard is achieved in the MPhil.

How to apply

For students outside Cambridge there is no separate application form for any of the Benefactors' Scholarships. All eligible applicants who by 1 March have been made a conditional offer by St John’s will be considered. In view of the sometimes lengthy selection processes in departments and the resultant delays that may occur between the submission of applications and their receipt by the College, applicants are advised to apply to the University's Postgraduate Admissions Office  (via the Applicant Portal) no later than 30 November. Please note, however, that many University funding opportunities and some courses specify an earlier deadline.

Applicants for the above Scholarship will be required to also apply for all other research awards for which they are eligible. The value of any Scholarship awarded will be reduced appropriately to take account of payments from other sources. Election will be conditional upon admission by the University's Postgraduate Admissions Office.

Applications from current Postgraduate Students of St John's

Suitably qualified current PhD Students of St John's are required to fill in a separate ‘Form of Application for a Research Scholarship’. Students who apply on this form will be considered for any College Scholarships for which they are eligible. The forms should be obtained electronically from the Postgraduate Administrator, Postgraduate Office, St. John's College ( no earlier than 1 December 2022 and no later than 31 January 2023. The closing date for receipt of forms by the College is 1 March. Please note, however, that current PhD students of St John's who have already been awarded full funding from other funding bodies before 1 March 2023 are not eligible to enter the 2023 Competition.

Applications from Members of other Cambridge colleges

Postgraduate Students of other Cambridge colleges who have commenced a PhD prior to the academic year 2023-24 are not eligible to enter the Competition.

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