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Annette Desouza - Architecture

As someone who is equally interested in the sciences, humanities and arts, I enjoy being able to develop my knowledge and skills in a variety of different subject areas, which is something the Architecture Tripos at Cambridge does perfectly! Between studio projects, field trips, supervisions and lectures, there is never an opportunity for boredom and the small cohort of about 45 students means that the whole year becomes very well acquainted and will probably become some of your closest friends!

I am currently going into my second year studying Architecture at St John’s and I could not have chosen a better College for this subject. It is, in my albeit biased opinion, one of the most beautiful Colleges in Cambridge and an inspiring place to live and work – from the grandiose atmosphere of New Court to the stunning example of 1960s architecture as seen in the Cripps Building. Students of John’s also have access to various Learning and Research funds, which are incredibly generous and useful when it comes to purchasing materials for studio work. Drawing boards are also provided on loan by the College during the academic year, which not only helps financially but also reduces the need to move it in and out of your room at the end of each year, which as an international student, is very much appreciated. The teaching and support system in College and the Department is excellent and the regular supervisions and tutorials are the perfect way to consolidate everything that is taught in lectures. Termly meetings with your Director of Studies and Tutor also give you the opportunity to talk about any problems you might have, either personal or academic. St John’s College library is also accessible 24/7 (which has proven very useful before coursework deadlines!), and has a great selection of books on Architectural theory and history as well as an A3 printer.

Overall, I have had an incredible experience so far and would very much encourage anyone who is thinking of applying to choose St John’s.

Annette Desouza – July 2016