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Ana Groom - Engineering

Studying engineering at Cambridge is a great way to get breadth from the word go. Over the first two years, you have the opportunity to study a variety of topics ranging from mechanics and materials to electronics and information engineering, providing a great range of skills and understanding. The department organises lectures and labs, and sets ‘Examples Papers’ weekly which contain problems to work through based on lecture material. The College then organises supervisions, where two students meet with a Fellow to work through the examples paper and discuss and expand upon topics covered in lectures.

For me, the best part is the support we receive from our supervisors. Whether answering questions via email, organising extra supervisions or providing revision support, they are always ready to assist and ensure we understand what we are learning, as well as accommodating individual requests or other commitments you may have. This support network is extended across St John’s, with tutors to assist with non-academic issues, whether you need financial help, counselling or have any general concerns in regards to welfare. Financial assistance is a particular strong point of John’s, as funding is available to support buying course-related materials, as well as pursuing personal development activities such as internships, workshops or travel.

The College is really central in the city which is ideal as so much is on your doorstep. St John’s owns houses in the city too, so you have the choice of living within College, often in buildings hundreds of years old, or in a house with friends, minutes from college facilities. Not only is accommodation well situated, students can also use the College gym, sports fields and music rooms for pursuing other interests.   

I chose to apply to St John’s after visiting on the College open day, and I would encourage anyone considering visiting to do so if they can, as it provides a feel for the kind of environment you could be working in, and allows you to see the stunning college buildings. Overall, it is the combination of high-level teaching and course content in engineering, with St John’s as a living environment, which has made my time at Cambridge so interesting and so enjoyable.