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Winner of Harper-Wood Studentship to read at St John’s College

Bsrat Mezghebe
Bsrat Mezghebe

Bsrat Mezghebe, winner of the St John's College Harper-Wood Studentship, will be reading from her forthcoming novel on 3 November.

Bsrat’s work explores how decades of war and displacement have affected familial and romantic relationships in Eritrea and its diaspora.

Set in the early 90s in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., the novel follows three women in a multigenerational Eritrean family as their lives are changed by the recent news of Eritrean independence and the arrival of a young and ambitious male cousin. Alternating between countries, time periods, and narrators, it reveals this family's conflicting philosophies on what is possible in America and their relationship to their homeland.

The Harper-Wood Studentship is an award which funds travel and research for a creative writing project. Bsrat has recently returned from a trip to Eritrea and will be discussing her time there and her research for the novel along with the reading.

The reading will take place on Friday 3 November at 5.30pm in the Old Music Room, St John’s College.