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Welcoming the World - 10.30am Sung Eucharists

A formal, cathedral-style service with visitors from all round the world and sherry afterwards

Sometimes in Cambridge it can feel that all you ever see are other students but the 10.30am Sung Eucharist is a real mixing-pot.  There are a number of families, often there to support the boys in the choir, a good number of people of all ages who work and live in the town, and a constant flow of tourists from all parts of the world – often those who have heard the choir on the radio or the internet and come on a pilgrimage of their own to hear them.

The service is much more formal than the 8.30am College Communion and mostly sung by the Choir with a sermon from the Dean or Chaplain and often students come to this because they prefer its more stately feel (as well as the later hour!)  There are opportunities to get involved through serving (no experience necessary) or reading but most simply come to be fed and ministered to.  All those who have been baptised in any church are welcome to receive communion with us, or else to come forward at that part of the service for a blessing.

Johnians are entitled to wear a surplice (the white gown) and these can be borrowed from the Chapel Clerk’s cupboard in the Ante-Chapel before the service.  You may also like to sit in the back row, where the stalls are rather more comfortable.

Any Johnians (and their guests) attending the 10.30am Sung Eucharist are welcome to come to Chapel Breakfast in Hall beforehand.  The breakfast begins at about 9.15am, usually finishing about 9.50am and half the cost is paid for by Chapel.  It can be a great way to meet Christians from the rest of College and also to find out what is happening that week from the Chaplain’s Notices.

After the service, there are always refreshments available and, from Michaelmas 2010, it is hoped there will be sherry and chance to chat more widely with the Choir and the rest of the congregation.